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terrorist.acts.Syria1.jpgMilitary Source: Four Guards Martyred, 14 Military Members and Civilians Injured in General Staff Building Bombings

Sep 26, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA) The armed terrorist gangs connected with abroad have carried out two terrorist bombings on Wednesday targeting the General Staff building, an official military source said.

It pointed out that the initial investigations indicated that the two bombings in the surrounding of and inside the General Staff building are caused by two booby-trapped cars.

The source said the terrorist attack resulted in the martyrdom of four guards of wounds they sustained in the explosions and the injury of 14 civilians and military members, in addition to causing material damages to the building and a fire in some of its parts.

The source said that this terrorist act coincided with shooting random fire by some terrorists in the vicinity of the building and the neighboring streets to spread panic among the civilians, asserting that the authorities confronted the terrorists and pursued them in the surrounding area.

"Seeing this criminal act as an evidence of the bankruptcy of those who lead the war against Syria, the General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces confirms that all the military commanders and commanding officers are safe and none has been wounded or hurt and they are continuing their daily duties," the source underlined.

"This heinous crime will enhance the determination of our armed forces in confronting terrorism and crushing all those who attempt to tamper with the security of the homeland and the citizens," the source said.

Al-Zoubi: Military Staff, Radio and TV Staff Are Safe

Earlier, Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi affirmed that all members of the military command, the General Staff and the Defense Ministry are safe, dismissing the news posted on  internet and aired by some media channels as false and coming in the framework of trying to influence the morale of the Syrian people and armed forces.

In a phone call with the Syrian TV , Minister al-Zoubi also stressed that all the staff of the General Establishment of Radio and Television, located in the surrounding area of the explosions, are safe.

The Minister pointed out that the terrorist act took place in an important site but the terrorists as usual failed to achieve their goals, asserting that the aggressive project targeting Syria is integral and has its tools, means and persons, "therefore we should expect such kind of barbarian acts as we are facing a war."

"Syria is facing a battle but not only in the political sense .. we are facing a brutal aggression. Therefore, the Syrian people and the armed forces have no choice except defending their homeland," al-Zoubi said.

"The aggression will be defeated.. we are ready to face it in its foreign sense and internal tools … we will remain committed to our political stances, and dialogue should be a Syrian-Syrian one,"  he underscored.

 "There won't be a dialogue with Syria's enemies abroad nor with those who conspire against Syria with foreign sides. Nor there will be international conferences with those who are part of the conspiracy against Syria," the Minister said.

He called on all those who want the interest of the homeland "to come to the dialogue table as the agenda of discussion is open and the space is a Syrian one."

In the same context, the Information Ministry dismissed "as groundless" the news reported by some instigative websites and satellite channels on the injury of the Defense Minister or any of the Military Commanders.

The Ministry also stressed that neither the Cabinet nor any governmental institution have been exposed to any terrorist acts, asserting that such news reflect these media outlets' bankruptcy and come in the framework of the miserable psychological war waged against the Syrian people.

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Who's responsible for the terrorist acts and suffering of the Syrian people ?


1) Obama signed a secret order authorizing U.S. support for Syrian terrorists seeking to depose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government.  Obama’s order, approved earlier this year and known as an intelligence “finding,” broadly permits the CIA and other U.S. agencies to provide support that could help the terrorists oust Assad.  C.I.A. officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey. The weapons, including automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, ammunition and some antitank weapons, are being funneled mostly across the Turkish border by way of a shadowy network of intermediaries including Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood and paid for by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The United States is setting up joint military, intelligence and medical working teams with Israel, Turkey and Jordan.

2) British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Britain would step up its support for the armed groups in Syria, providing them with an additional £5 million (US$7.8 million). The money is used for bomb attacks in Syria.

3) An official source told a SANA reporter that the seized arms included Nato sniper rifles, machineguns, hunting rifles, explosive devices of various weights, devices for remote control detonation and an amount of batteries and electrical wires.

4) The Belgian State Security "has not confirmed" the rumor that Belgian jihadists are fighting in Syria. The newspapers 'Het Belang van Limburg' and 'Gazet van Antwerpen' argued the opposite: "The State Security confirmed the presence of Belgian terrorists in Syria".  Originally the Flemish newspapers relied on a report by Reuters, dated July 31th 2012, citing statements from "several rebel commanders in the north-west Syria," according to which "Muslims in Great Britain, Belgium and the United States had joined the Free Syrian Army (SLA)". On July 13th, Reuters pointed out a flood "of thousands of assault rifles Belgian FN FAL was in the hands of the rebels".  In its annual reports, the Belgian State Security explains how and why she follows people attracted by fighting abroad: there was attention for Iraq, then, from 2010, to the movement towards Pakistan-Afghanistan border area; Finally, most recently, to new locations: "If the Afghan-Pakistan area, more than Iraq, was still popular in 2010 with the majority of volunteers for jihad", the Belgian State Security wrote in his latest report, "some of them began to plot their way to Yemen, Somalia and the Caucasus". And Syria now? "Obviously. Where they are beaten, those who return and who actually participated in the fighting have gained knowledge on how to handle weapons, strategy and tactics of war," noted the Belgian State Security yesterday. "This is the central reason for the Belgian concern".  Belgian Senator Nele Lijnen said that she intends to launch a discussion at the Belgian Senate regarding the fact that the terrorists in Syria possess weapons made in Belgium. 

5) The Swiss Authorities announced that they are investigating into information published by Sonntags Zeitung newspaper about hand grenades used by armed terrorist groups in Syria.

6) The weapons and military equipment recently discovered and seized by the Syrian Army in Idlib province proves NATO's arms and logistic support for terrorists in Syria.

7) The seized weapons in Salqain district in Idlib included 7.26 guns along with other weapons as well as boxes of gunshots with the words "NATO BALL" carved on them.

8) The Lebanese army intelligence has seized a large quantity of wea Lutfallah II container pons hidden inside cars aboard an Italian ship at Tripoli port, north of Lebanon, Lebanese security sources told Al-Manar TV.

9) This comes just days after the Lebanese Army Marines confiscated Lutfallah II arms shipment off the Lebanese port of Batoun while it was carrying 300,000 pounds of weapons within three containers. Reports said the cargo ship, which was flying the flag of Sierra-Leone, had left Libya and was bound to Syria.

10) Lebanese terrorist Mohammad Hussein Fares confessed to participating in smuggling weapons, militants and journalists into Syria and committing terrorists acts against Syrians.

11) Fares said that they smuggled assault rifles, RPG rounds, sniper rifles, LAW missiles, machineguns and cases of ammo, delivering them to Amoun, with al-Jarban coming later to distribute them among terrorists.

12) US, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are arming AL-QAEDA Terrorists to commit Terrorism in Syria

13) Over 30,000 various weapons have been channelled to Syria since unrest flared up there in April last year, Amin Khteit says. The overall amount of explosives makes up 300 tons. The deliveries were made by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. They depend on the United States, which is making every effort to overpower Syria.

14) The authorities seized weapons smuggled from Turkey in Tal Abyad area on the Syrian-Turkish borders in Raqqa countryside.

15) A Turkish parliamentarian has stressed that Turkish ambulances are transporting weapons to terrorist groups in Syria, expressing their opposition to Ankara's policies on the Syrian case...