NATO wants to bomb Syria


'The first attack happened about 4:30 pm, which was a twin engined Dornier Do 17 that came from the South, dropping approximately twelve 50-kilogram bombs over the town. On its flight back to the base, Do 17 started bombing buildings, the three story headquarters of the Izquerda Republican and the church of San Juan. At about 6 pm, the third wave of attacks occurred. This time, it was a Heinkel He 111 escorted by five Italian Flats under the command of Corrado “Rocca” Ricci. The next two waves of attacks were made by German twin-engine planes. From 6:30 to 6:45 pm the three squadrons of the Condor Legion, total twenty, nine planes attacked Guernicca. Meanwhile Bf 109 B and the Heinkel He 515 started shooting the civilians on the road out of town.

The attacks created a firestorm, which destroyed and most other were damaged. Only the arms factories of unceta and Company and Tallers de Guernica and Assembly House and the Oak survived. It was eventually estimated that there were as many as 10,000 deaths overall. Most dead were elderly people, women, and children.

The Condor Legion was assigned aerial missions throughout Spain as the main contribution to Nazi Germany to Francisco Franco’s forces. The Motivation of this attack was to scare the civilians and to go against the Republican Government of Spain as total; the condor Legion dropped 66 tons of bombs, overall.


Photo 1: Nazi Germany bombs and destroys Guernica

Photo 2: NATO that actually arms gangs in Syria and calls for the bombing of Syria, bombs and destroys Belgrade