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Maduro: Syrian People Deserve to Live in Peace

May 15, 2013

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro said ''We love Syria, and the Syrian people deserve to live in peace.''

Maduro's comments came during his meeting with the Marnonite Patriarch Mar Beshara Boutrus al-Rahi in Caracas on Tuesday.

The Venezuelan president said that he discussed with al-Rahi the crisis in Syria and expressed Venezuela's love to Syria.

In a statement to the Venezuelan TV, al-Rahi said he is in Venezuela to offer condolences over the demise of President Hugo Chavez and congratulate President Maduro for winning the presidential elections.

During a ceremony held in his honor in Caracas on Sunday, al-Rahi called for bringing peace to Syria and the Middle East, urging the international community to shoulder its responsibilities in this regard.

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Venezuela: full support to Syria


Nov 27, 2012 - CARACAS, (SANA)

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad on Tuesday discussed with Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister Temir Parras the political developments in the Middle East and Latin America.

During the meeting, the two sides described as deep the strategic relations between the two countries and peoples, founded by Leaders of the two countries, Presidents Bashar al-Assad and Hugo Chavez, expressing satisfaction over the implementation of agreements and programs which were signed in Damascus and Caracas.

The Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister expressed his country's full support to Syria as leadership and people in the face of foreign conspiracy which seeks to deviate Syria's attention from the main conflict in the region, the Arab-Israeli conflict.

He condemned the terrorist acts carried out by armed groups supported by external countries which pose a threat to the security, safety and stability of Syria, calling for stopping the support of terrorism, funding it or hosting those who perpetrate criminal acts.

For his part, Mikdad expressed Syria's appreciation for the true support of Venezuela to Syria in all fields, indicating to the targets and dimensions of the attack of the western countries, particularly the US, France and Britain in cooperation with Turkey, some Gulf states and Libya and their support to the terrorists, proving them with fatal equipment to weaken Syria and divide its national unity and foil its stances against the Israeli occupation.

The Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister affirmed inevitability of Syria's victory in its war against the terrorism and the foreign intervention in its affairs, this victory which will be considered as a victory for all powers which defend their countries' independence and sovereignty.



The website of the Syrian Arab News Agency SANA is regularly blocked by Washington that doesn't stop its war propaganda.

Some days ago SANA was inaccessible again: 'Page Web inaccessible - Unable to load web page on Google Chrome, because www.sana.sy did not respond in time. It is possible that the site is blocked or you have problems with your Internet connection - Error 118 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT)'

Google Research doesn't show actually SANA's website under the searching words 'latest news Syria'.

It is clear that the search engines are in the hands of the U.S. government which doesn't want a political solution for Syria and doesn't stop its financial and military aid to terrorist groups in Turkey and Syria.

Try the following links to get the website of SANA and find what the western press conceals:

sana.sy main IP address:
sana.sy Turkish website: