Syrian army eliminates American backed terrorists


May 2, 2013

The Army Continues Crackdown on Terrorist Groups

Units of the armed forces on Thursday carried out qualitative operations against terrorists' gatherings and hideouts, inflicting heavy losses upon terrorists in several provinces.

A military source told SANA that a unit of the armed forces confronted an armed terrorist group which attacked a military checkpoint in Harasta in Damascus Countryside, killing a number of its members.

Other army units carried out a number of special operations in the surrounding of the Water Establishment, the Court and al-Thanawiya roundabout in Harasta.

The operations resulted in destroying a heavy machinegun and other equipment and killing several terrorists, including Khalil Shiha and Ahmad Mkhalalati.

Another unit of the armed forces killed and injured all members of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist group which was perpetrating sabotage and looting acts in Adra area and in Housh al-Fara roundabout.

Meanwhile, an army unit chased down an armed terrorist group in Barzeh and killed a number of its members, among them Moussa Abdul-Wahid and Mahmoud Kharateh were identified, according to an official source.

The source added that units of the armed forces clashed with terrorist groups at al-Manasher roundabout and near the Sports Hall in Joubar, killing large numbers of their members and destroying their weapons and equipment.

A Libyan terrorist called Jaed al-Ajari was identified among the dead, in addition to terrorist Ahmad Qaqish.

15 Shops Turned into Explosive Device Making Workshops Destroyed in Douma

In the same context, a source told SANA reporter that an army unit carried out a special operation in which it destroyed 15 shops in the Industrial Area in Douma turned by the terrorists into workshops to make explosive devices and mortar rounds. Several terrorists were killed in the operation, including Ibrahim Khabieh and Mohammad Dakkar.

A Citizen Injured in Explosive Device Blast in His Car

A citizen injured in the explosion of an explosive device was attached by terrorists to his car in Bernieh Street in Rukn Eddin in Damascus.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that the explosion caused the injury of the driver of the car who was admitted to the hospital and material damage in the cars parked in the place.

Army Carries out Qualitative Operations against Terrorists in Aleppo

In Aleppo, a unit of the armed forces destroyed, in a qualitative operation against terrorists, a mortar near al-Fadilah shool in Bab al-Hadid.

An official source told SANA reporter in the province that the operation resulted in the killing of a number of terrorists and the injury of others.

The source added that a unit of the armed forces clashed with terrorists on the outskirts of Salah-Eddin neighborhood near Shoroukh oil station, killing and injuring a number of them.

Aother unit of the armed forces killed a number of terrorists during a clash in al-Jebieleh in Aleppo countryside.

An army unit killed and injured members of an armed terrorist group during clashes at al-Ma'amel area in al-Lairamoun in Aleppo.

SANA reporter quoted an official source as saying that large amounts of machineguns and ammunition for terrorists were confiscated during the clashes.

The source added that another army unit destroyed a den for armed terrorist groups to the west of Bani Zeid area in the countryside of Aleppo and eliminated all terrorists inside the den.

Army Destroys Two Mortars and Heavy Machineguns in Idleb

In Idleb the army units also inflicted heavy losses upon the armed terrorist groups, killing and injuring a number of their members in al-Janodieh, Mishmishan, Ein al-Asafir in Jisr al-Shughour and al-Nirab, Hmisho farm, Maarat Misrin, Idleb road, Taftanaz, kafr Rouhin, Abu al-Dohour, al-Baragithi and Khashir in Idleb countryside.

The source added that another units of the armed forces destroyed two mortars and heavy machineguns and killed a number of terrorist among them snipers in Abo al-Duhour surroundings.

A 200 kg Roadside Bomb Dismantled on Ariha-Jisr al-Shughour Road, Idleb

Engineering units dismantled a 200 kg roadside planted by an armed terrorist group on Ariha-Jisr al-Shughour highway in the countryside of Idelb.

SANA reporter quoted a source in the province as saying that the road on which the bomb was planted witnesses heavy traffic, noting that the bomb was set to be remotely detonated.

Weapons Seized, Jabhat al-Nusra Terrorists Killed in Daraa Countryside

A unit of the armed forces seized big amounts of weapons and ammunition after raiding a terrorists' hideout in Kherbet Ghazaleh in Daraa countryside.

Among the seized weapons were a 23-mm anti-aircraft gun and B-90 gun.

An official source told SANA that a number of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists were killed during the raid, among them Mohammad al-Turkmani, leader of the so-called ''Al-Tawhid Battalions.''

The source added that a car loaded with big amounts of mines and explosive charges exploded in the farms of al-Qinieh village in Daraa northern countryside, killing two terrorists who were inside.

Terrorists Killed, Weapons Seized in Banias Villages

A unit of the armed forces seized two weapons' warehouses in a raid against terrorists' dens in al-Bayda village in Banias, Tartous.

An official source told SANA that the seized weapons included machineguns, automatic rifles and RPG charges, a pump-action and up-to-date communication devices and ammos.

The source added that units of the army killed numbers of terrorists in al-Marqab and al-Bayda villages and Ras El-Nabe' neighborhood in Banias city.

Explosive Device Warehouse Destroyed in Homs

In Homs, a source said that units of the armed forces destroyed an explosive devices warehouse and killed and injured a number of terrorists in al-Khaldieh and al-Rastan.

Workshop for Manufacturing IEDs Seized in Homs

An army unit seized a workshop for manufacturing IEDs near al-Amal Hospital in Wadi al-Sayeh in Homs city.

An official source told SANA that raw materials for manufacturing explosive devices, detonators and high explosive materials were found inside the workshop.

Terrorists Attack Deir Ezzor's Suspension Bridge with Rocket-Propelled Grenades

Terrorists attacked the suspension Bridge in Deir Ezzor province with rocket-propelled grenades and mortar shells, causing destruction to large parts of it.

An official source told SANA reporter that the suspension bridge, one of the most important historical monuments in the province, was badly damaged by the terrorist attack.

The source added that a unit of the army clashed with an armed terrorist group in Der Ezzor city and eliminated scores of terrorists.

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On 3.14.2012, America’s Defense Department’s best-known geek announced that she was leaving the Pentagon for a job at Google


U.S. backed war with Syria: Turkey to get Patriot batteries



December 3, 2012

Patriot deployment in Turkey arouse RF concern, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said

ISTANBUL: The deployment of NATO’s Patriot systems arouses Russia’s concern and does not facilitate stabilisation of the “shaky situation” in the region, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday.

Peskov accompanies Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has begun the visit to Istanbul.

This issue will be in the focus of the talks between Putin and the Turkish leadership.

The deployment of NATO’s Patriot systems arouses Russia’s concern, the Kremlin official said, adding that Russia “will inform its Turkish partners about its concerns”.

Peskov said the talks would be held in two aspects: bilateral relations, which “are notable by their diversity and full of excellent projects and international issues”. Russia and Turkey “have serious disagreements on international issues. And we don’t hide this fact”, the presidential spokesman stressed.

In his words, “several steps do not facilitate the normalisation of the situation in the region.”

Peskov said the Syrian problem would be on the agenda. “Russia’s position is consistent and absolutely transparent: one warring party cannot be upheld. This cannot facilitate the settlement of the conflict,” Peskov said, adding, “Active support for one warring party only incites the conflict.”

The spokesman did not rule out that Putin and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyit Erdogan would discuss the detention of Russia’s jet by Turkey.


Voice of Russia

December 3, 2012

Turkey to get Patriot batteries

After exploring the terrain, NATO and Turkish officers have chosen sites for deploying three Patriot anti-aircraft missile batteries in southeastern Turkey.

They wil unveil their conclusions at a session of NATO Foreign to be held on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Turkey asked NATO to deploy as many as 6 Patriot batteries.

Putin to discuss NATO Patriot air defense system in Turkey - Peskov

The deployment of NATO Patriot complexes in Turkey "is a concern to Russia and does not contribute to the stabilization of the already fragile situation" in the region, the President's Press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, told reporters in Istanbul on Monday.

He noted that this issue will be addressed in today's talks. Peskov will accompany President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Istanbul. Shortly after his arrival in Turkey, Putin began closed-door talks with Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Erdogan.

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Photo: Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, most believed puppet of Hillary Clinton