Syria News: Twitter tweets and Google censorship


: Car Bomb and Six Explosive Devices Dismantled in 

: Non-Syrian Terrorists, including terrorists from Chechnya, Killed in al-Husseiniyeh,  Countryside

's Armed Forces Continue Targeting Jabhat al-Nusra Terrorists, Destroying Their Gatherings and Cars

Northern Ireland: Car bomb and letter bomb discovered ahead of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's visit

: 15 People Injured in Car Bomb Blast in al-Inshaat Neighbourhood in  City

Lavrov: , Washington and Brahimi Agree on Adopting Statement as Basis for Any Move towards Crisis in 

 and  Call for Political Solution and Preventing Foreign Intervention to Solve Crisis in 

Former UN General Assembly President Calls for Not Ignoring Presence of Extremist Groups Fighting in 

's NATO Representative: Patriot Missile Deployment Indicates NATO Involvement in Crisis in  

Northern Ireland, (SANA): Clinton Calls Every Side That Has Influence in  to Work Alongside Ibrahimi

: UN Boosts Security Procedures to Protect UNDOF Forces in Occupied Syrian Golan

's Sports Federation Denies Media Claims that Some Syrian Football Team Players Refused to Participate in West Asian Championship

Yurt: Al Qaeda Mambers Manufacuring Poison Gas Near Gaziantep for Use Against Syrians

: Mass Demonstrations in Several Egyptian Provinces Rejecting Morsi's Constitutional Declaration

: One Killed, 29 Citizens Injured in Terrorist Explosion in Mazzeh 86 Neighbourhood in 

National Campaign to Prosecute Oqab Saqer and Saad al-Hariri Launched in  

's Human Rights Network Denounce International Organisations' Silence over Terrorist Attacks on Schools

 Event Calendar: 6th December 2012: A guide to tonight's events and concerts in