Syria News: Faculty of Arts Damascus


 Weather: Partly cloudy turning cloudy, especially over the coast. Temperatures around or slightly below average. Light SW winds

After 35 days filming in the Faculty of Arts in  Uni, the series 'calendar', written by Saif Raza Hamid, has finished production

's National Athletics Team heads for the UAE to compete in the West Asian Championship.  

's National Football Team coach leaves office

: Vaccination Campaign against measles and polio extended until Thursday

's Armed Forces Clear al-Kindi Hospital in  Countryside from Terrorists

Al-Zoubi: Terrorists' Victories Imaginary, US-Western Statements on Chemical Weapons Caused by Inability to Achieve Gains on Ground

 Event Calendar: 10th December 2012: Karaoke Night in 

: A Saudi Terrorist Killed among Others in 

: 45 Terrorists Killed in al-Dhiyabiyeh in Countryside. 5 Terrorists Killed in Home-made Missile Blast in


Syria free of foreign powers !

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Syrian News free of American war propaganda


Event Calendar: 9th December 2012: Theatre Festival

: 70 Members of the so-called 'Military Council' of Jabhat al-Nusra Killed in Countryside

: Al-Bakkarah area in Countryside Cleared from Terrorist Groups

's Armed Forces Continue Targeting Terrorists and Their Hideouts

Follow-up Committee of National Dialogue Conference Calls for Finding Peaceful Solution to Crisis in

Lavrov: We Don't Discuss the Destiny of 's Leadership with Any Party

Salehi: 's Enemies Started to Reconsider their Stances Realising their Wrong Path

: Terrorist Group Attacks 'Qaboun 2' Electricity Plant, Causing Outages in Several Areas

FM Lavrov says Moscow "will not allow to be reproduced in ... West striving for Assad's departure."

لافروف : روسيا لن تسمح بتكرار السيناريو الليبي في سورية.

Weather: Partly cloudy tomorrow with rain over most areas, temperatures will drop to become slightly below the seasonal average