Egypt's rights and sovereignty


'Those who attack Egypt will never leave Egypt alive. We shall fight a regular war, a total war, a guerrilla war. Those who attack Egypt will soon realize they brought disaster upon themselves. He who attacks Egypt attacks tile whole Arab world. They say in their papers the -whole thing will be over in forty-eight hours. They do not know how strong we really are.'

President Gamal Abdel Nasser15 September 1956


Official Source : Fall of Brotherhood Type reiterates incapacity of political Islam to manage the state 

July 4, 2013

An official source said that Egypt yesterday witnessed a historic shift that reflects the deep awareness and presence of our people in Egypt, their commitment to Arabism, rejection of the foreign intervention in their internal affairs and their opposition to any prejudice to Egypt's rights and sovereignty.

In a statement on Thursday, the source, added that our people in Egypt confirmed once again Egypt's leading role and depth of their belonging to Arabism and their ability to defend their interests, civilization and humanitarian history.

The source stressed that the fall of the Brotherhood type reiterated again incapacity of the political Islam forces to manage the state, protect the cultural and civilized diversity and to build an expressive type of the history of the national state.

The source added that the Syrian leadership, people, and army express deep appreciation of the national popular movement in Egypt, which has produced a great achievement, stressing that what is taking place is a radical shift that reflects a firm will to preserve democracy, diversity and the right of being different and practicing the political work and pluralism, and rejecting the Brotherhoodization of the state as a project, entity and institutions, not only in Egypt but also in the Arab and international arenas.

The source added that ''Egypt has always been an example to follow throughout its great history, as we believe that it is important that other nations would follow this transformation to foil these futile attempts which are sins against Islam, nation, history and mankind.

The source added that Syria congratulates the Egyptian army and people in all their social spectrums, political and national powers and calls the brotherly people of Egypt, who are the Syrians' brothers and partners in development, construction and destiny, to hold on to this victory and defend it, as Syria also stresses its standing by the brothers in Egypt.

R.Milhem/M. Ismael/Ghussoun 



Syria News: solidarity with Damascus


After the phrase of "Here's Damascus" that covered «Facebook», Syrians announced their solidarity to Damascus by rejecting the opposition coalition as the only representative for the Syrian People, where the "Friends of Syria" announced in their fourth meeting in Marrakesh their recognition of the coalition.

The Campaign of "Here's Damascus" came by Syrians to reveal their solidarity with Damascus after the news stopped from the capital due to the suspension of the internet for several days.

Syrians have published phrases on the Facebook to announce rejecting the recognition in three languages; English, French and Arabic:

I am Syrian and the coalition does not represent me.

Je suis Syrien et la coalition ne me représente pas.

أنا سوري و مجلس "الإئتلاف" لا يمثلني


Berlin: solidarity with the Syrian people


Nov 25th, 2012 - BERLIN, (SANA)- The Syrian Community and foreign activities in Mannheim city in Germany on Saturday organized a huge mass rally under the motto "Get your Hands Off Syria".

The event was organized for solidarity with the Syrian people in the face of the global war waged against Syria to undermine its security and stability.

Participants in the rally raised the Syrian flags and banners appreciating the heroism of the Syrian Arab Army in facing terrorism.

They condemned the foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs and the western conspiracy against Syria.

They also called for immediate stop of sending weapons to the terrorists in Syria, voicing support to the Syrian leadership in confronting terrorism and the West's attempts to tamper with Syria's security.

H. Zain/ Ghossoun

The U.S. and its allies (and Israel) are trying to silence the press by bombing journalists and blocking News Agencies.

The website of the Syrian Arab News Agency SANA is regularly blocked by Washington that doesn't want a political solution and doesn't stop its financial and military aid to terrorist groups. C.I.A. officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey. Weapons, including automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, ammunition and some antitank weapons, are being funneled mostly across the Turkish border by way of a shadowy network of intermediaries to Syria.

On May 7, 1999, NATO fired 3 missiles from different angles to attack the Embassy of China in Yugoslavia, which killed 3 Chinese journalists and injured more than 20. The building of the embassy was seriously damaged. U.S. officials and NATO said the attack on the Chinese Embassy was "a mistake" based on "faulty information".

Try the following links to get the website of SANA (Arabic and Turkish)

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Photo: Damascus, October 12, 2011 - Tens of thousands in Syria stage pro-Assad rally

The Communist and Workers Parties participating the 14th International meeting held in Beirut from 23rd to 25th stressed firm rejection to all forms of direct or indirect intervention in Syria's internal affairs or any threat of waging an aggression on it.