Solidarity with Syria: Jordan

nasser-photo.jpgSyrian Community in Jordan, Jordanian Political and Media Sides Reiterate Solidarity with Syria

Sep 21, 2012 - AMMAN, (SANA) – The Syrian community in Jordan along with Jordanian political, youth and media sides on Friday gathered in front of the Syrian Embassy in Amman to express solidarity with Syria in the face of the conspiracy.

The event was held under the title 'No to Foreign Interference in Syria, No to the NATO- affiliated Terrorist Groups, Yes to Dialogue and Political Solution.'

The participants expressed their absolute support for the Syrian people, leadership and army in the face of the plot that targets the whole Arab nation through Syria, stressing their rejection of foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs under any pretext.

They also condemned the misleading media outlets, denouncing the stances of the conspirators against Syrian in the Arab Gulf and in Turkey.

M. Nassr/ H. Sabbagh


Photo: Egyptian President Nasser who defended Egypt's national sovereignty.  'In these days and in such circumstances Egypt has resolved to show the world that when small nations decide to preserve their sovereignty, they will do that all right and that when these small nations are fully determined to defend their rights and maintain their dignity, they will undoubtedly succeed in achieving their ends'. . .


Breaking News: mass demonstration in solidarity with Syria


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Mass Rally in Sydney in Solidarity with Syria

SYDNEY, (SANA) – More than 7000 Syrian, Arab and Australian people participated in the mass rally organized by "Australians for Syria" group in cooperation with other youth groups and figures from the Syrian and Arab communities in Australia.

Syria's Honorary Consul to Sydney, Maher Dabbagh, said that the participants wanted to stress to the whole world that Syria is strong in the face of the most severe attack launched by the West and the oil monarchies.

The gathering crowds reiterated solidarity with Syria and their standing by its leadership, people and army, expressing thanks to the friendly countries over their stances towards Syria.

The participants toured main streets of Sydney City and stopped in front of the Office of the Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr condemning the Australian official stance and Carr's statements against Syria.

R. Raslan/ M. Ismael 


Washington bombs us daily with war propaganda


All the information about Syria that doesn't match the American war propaganda, is censored.

Washington regularly blocks also the website of the Syrian government on http://www.sana.sy/index_eng.html