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Dialogue Subcommittees Continue Meetings in Several Provinces

Feb 23, 2013

Sweida subcommittee, which is tasked with setting the required mechanisms for inviting the national opposition and various political forces to dialogue, held on Saturday a consultative meeting with the educational sector workers in the province to discuss the form and content of the national dialogue conference in implementation of the political program to solve the crisis in Syria.

Governor of al-Sweida Province, Head of the subcommittee, Dr. Atef al-Naddaf, stressed that the committee will not rule out anyone from the consultative meetings.

He pointed out that the subcommittee held meetings with political parties and forces and religious activities and it received proposals that could contribute to enriching the national dialogue which will draw the future of renewed Syria.

The participants in the meeting stressed the necessity of experts and specialists' participation in the dialogue to serve the interests of Syria and preserve its sovereignty.

Idleb Subcommittee Continues Meetings

In Idleb, the sub-committee tasked with setting the required mechanisms for inviting the national opposition and various political forces to dialogue continued its meetings with youth and partisan sides as to discuss ways to overcome the crisis.

Idleb Governor, Safwan Abu Saadi, said that the dialogue gives opportunity for communication and interaction among the different sides, adding that the dialogue is aimed at building the modern Syria through pluralism and enhancing the national unity.

The participants stressed the need to communicate with all sides and pave the way for a successful dialogue, calling for boycotting the Turkish goods which were sent to Syria and were proved to be unfit for human use, particularly children food.

Homs Dialogue Subcommittee Meets Political, Social and Cultural Figures

In Homs Province, the subcommittee held a consultative meeting with a number of political parties and forces and social and cultural figures.

The meeting discussed means of reaching joint views on the form and content of the national dialogue to get out of the crisis in Syria.

Homs Governor, Head of Homs Subcommittee, Ahmad Munir Mohammad, stressed the importance of consultations with all activities to reach joint views on the national dialogue.

The Governor pointed out to the importance of economic activities and movements which are active on the ground in presenting proposals and solutions to overcome the current difficulties.

Participants in the meeting pointed out to the necessity of delivering aid to the people who deserve and speeding up rebuilding infrastructure and bringing home the displaced people.

Damascus Dialogue Subcommittee Holds Consultative Meeting with Teachers' Association and Women's Union

Damascus dialogue subcommittee discussed with the Teachers' Association and Women's Union in Damascus the role of popular organizations and professional syndicates in presenting the views of official and popular bodies to launch comprehensive national dialogue.

Governor of Damascus, Head of the Subcommittee, Bishr al-Sabban, stressed that there is no limit to proposals as long as they adhere to the national principles and sovereignty, pointing out that the submitted work papers are considered the basis for the comprehensive national dialogue.

Damascus dialogue subcommittee is meeting official and popular bodies for two months to present proposals for comprehensive national solution to the crisis through dialogue.

M. Nassr/ F.L/H.Said