Latest News Syria: The U.N. wants a military intervention in Syria


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U.N. rights team believes chemical weapons used in Syria | Reuters
2 days ago– GENEVA (Reuters) – United Nations human rights investigators said on Tuesday … In their latest report, they said they had received allegations that Syrian … the U.N. commission of inquiry, told a news conference in Geneva.

UN rights team believes chemical weapons used in Syria
Reuters‎ – 2 days ago

Report of Commission of Inquiry on Syria – A/HRC/23/58
4 June 2013 – English | Arabic (Advance Unedited Version)

‘Independent’ UN panel calls for diplomatic surge to end ‘daily reality’ of war crimes in Syria
UN News Centre ‎- 2 days ago
With Syria engulfed in an escalating and increasingly brutal civil war, a panel of United Nations human rights experts today issued its latest …

Syria: Chemical weapons have been used by both sides, says UN …
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2 days ago – Human Rights Council says both sides are guilty of war crimes with reports of … who chairs the UN commission of inquiry, told a news conference in Geneva. … an embargo on the sale of munitions to Syria was lifted last week.

UN Human Rights Council: Interactive Dialogue with the …
2 days ago – Human Rights Watch is deeply concerned by the escalating level of violence in Syria. … Latest News …. the Commission of inquiry and call on the United Nations Security Council to refer the Syria situation to the International …

UN, France Allege Chemical Weapons Use in Syria
2 days ago – Findings of the U.N. Commission of Inquiry o… … Latest Newscast … of Inquiry on Syria for the United Nations Human Rights Council talks to … before a news conference on the presentation of their latest report at the U.N. …

US Army Chief Suggests Military Intervention in Syria Before End of …
May 8, 2013 – A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll found that only 10 per cent supported military intervention in Syria while 61 per cent opposed getting involved.

John McCain Urges US Military Intervention in Syria
1 day ago – Senator John McCain's backing of U.S. military intervention in Syria excuses war crimes and ignores history.

needed for Syria intervention - Yahoo! News
May 6, 2013 – News: Everyone seems to agree that the situation in Syria is ... with whether US intervention in Syria would be “legal” under the UN Charter ... If Mr. Obama and other international leaders pursue military intervention in Syria, .... Bashar Al-Assad Breaking News: Kerry: US, Allies Ready to Aid Syria Rebels ...


Photo: UN Chief Ban Ki-moon visits the Pentagon. It is a public secret that Ban Ki-moon, who has been posted twice to the Republic of Korea embassy in Washington, D.C. and served as Director-General for American Affairs in 1990–1992, is a very good personal friend of president Obama.


Moscow rejects foreign intervention in Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.jpg

November 28, 2012

MOSCOW, (SANA) – Russian Foreign Minister , Sergei Lavrov, renewed his country's stance in rejection of foreign intervention in Syria, stressing that Russia is exerting great efforts to end violence in Syria and support resorting to dialogue, through which the Syrians should reach an agreement based on the structure and the future of their country.

In an interview with Argumenty i Fakty Russian Newspaper, Lavrov said that the cooperation between Russia and Syria in the technical military domain contributes to supporting the stability in the Middle East, adding that the material technical supply point of the Russian naval fleet in Tartous works normally."

He stressed that there is no possibility of dragging Russia into the armed conflict taking place in Syria, pointing out to the importance of applying Geneva Statement to solve the crisis in Syria, as Russia works closely with the Syrian government and all parties for its implementation.

Lavrov pointed out to the necessity that all foreign sides and those who have influence on the 'the Syrian opposition' play their role to fulfill the approach agreed on in Geneva.

He warned that the continuation of violence in Syria would lead to the aggravation of the situation which may erupt in the region, stressing the presence of a lot of foreign extremists, mercenaries and terrorists linked to al-Qaeda among the armed opposition. He also expressed worry over the transition of the conflict to the neighboring countries.

Moscow Strongly Condemns terrorist Bombings in Jaramana, Damascus Countryside

The Russian Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the terrorist explosions which hit Jaramana in Damascus countryside, indicating that these bombings bear the imprints of al-Qaeda.

"Such acts represent familiar methods of the international terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda which aim to ruin any effort  to restore stability to Syria and resolve the crisis peacefully," a statement for the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.  

The statement added " we vehemently condemn the terrorist crimes which can't be justified."



The website of the Syrian Arab News Agency SANA was regularly blocked by Washington that doesn't stop its war propaganda.

Some days ago SANA was inaccessible again: 'Page Web inaccessible - Unable to load web page on Google Chrome, because www.sana.sy did not respond in time. It is possible that the site is blocked or you have problems with your Internet connection - Error 118 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT)'

Google Research doesn't show actually SANA's website under the searching words 'latest news Syria'. The censure comes just after France and Britain recognized the so called 'Syrian opposition', provided with money and weapons by the western countries.

The Internet search engines are in the hands of the U.S. government which doesn't want a political solution for Syria and doesn't stop its financial and military aid to terrorist groups in Turkey and Syria.

Try the following links to get the website of SANA and find what the western press conceals:

sana.sy main IP address:
sana.sy Turkish website:

Iraq opposes any kind of military intervention in Syria

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.jpg

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says his country opposes any kind of military intervention in Syria, warning that the move could aggravate the situation there.

Iraq opposes military intervention in Syria: Maliki - Press TV, August 30, 2012


Obama's Nobel Peace Prize: military intervention in Mali

Kenyan communities in Dadaab.dramatic.refugee.situation..jpg

Oct 29, 2012

France and the United States have put more pressure on Algeria to support a military intervention in crisis-hit African country of Mali.

"An intervention in northern Mali is possible without the military backing of Algeria but not without its green light," said the head of the Centre of African Studies, a French think-tank, Pierre Boilley on Sunday.

The military officials of the US and France reportedly held a secret meeting in Paris earlier this month in a bid to draw a plan for military action in Mali to help the Bamako government fight the so-called al-Qaeda-affiliated radicals in the country’s north.

France, the former colonial master of Algeria and Mali, discussed the crisis that has split Mali in two since March during a visit by Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius in July.

American Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said last week that the Pentagon is working with allies on a plan to deal with 'al-Qaida-linked militants in Mali and elsewhere in the North Africa region', with American assistance likely to center on intelligence and logistical support.

Since 2007, the U.S. has spent more than $550 million to help train and supply an African proxy force of about 18,000 soldiers in Somalia.

Many Western powers fear the Sahara desert nation could become like Afghanistan and, like everywhere, they invest on the first place in military interventions.

Currently the Horn of Africa is experiencing the highest rate of malnutrition. Some 30 per cent of children are suffering from Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM).

Photo: Refugees in Dadaab (Kenya)

President Barack Obama meets with Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah.jpg