Syria: Ban Ki-Moon's mediating role...


Some days ago, Ban Ki-Moon called the UN Security Council for keeping a ‘flexible and effective presence of the UN in Syria', adding that this presence will help the UN envoy continue playing the 'mediating role'.

But there was little to see of the 'mediating role' of the UN in Libya.  The UN participated to the US war propaganda; accepted that NATO armed the Libyan 'Freedom-gangs' and mandated a so called 'no fly zone over Libya'.  It is on this way that Libya was bombed and destroyed.

Ban Ki Moon made also a deal with Obama about Palestine.  On the demand of Washington and Tel Aviv, all the resolutions within the UN Council critical of Israel, are blocked.


Ki-Moon Stresses Need to Keep UN Presence in Syria

Aug 12, 2012

NEW YORK, (SANA) – Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon on Saturday hoped that the UN will still be presented in Syria after the end of the observer mission.

In a letter to the UN Security Council, Ki-Moon called for keeping a ‘flexible and effective’ presence of the UN in Syria, adding that this presence will help the UN envoy continue playing the 'mediating role'.

M. Nassr/ M. Ismael


Ban-Ki-Moon: posted twice to the Republic of Korea embassy in  Washington, D.C.

Ban Ki-Moon was born on Tuesday, June 13, 1944 in Eumseong and he is a famous politician from South Korea of Christian religion. He was a career diplomat in South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
In 1980 Ban became director of the United Nations’ International Organizations and Treaties Bureau, headquartered in Seoul. He has been posted twice to the Republic of Korea embassy in Washington, D.C. Between these two assignments he served as Director-General for American Affairs in 1990–1992. In 1992, he became Vice Chairman of the South-North Joint Nuclear Control Commission, following the adoption by South and North Korea of the Joint Declaration of the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. From 1993–1994 Ban was Korea’s deputy ambassador to the United States. He was promoted to the position of Deputy Minister for Policy Planning and International Organizations in 1995 and then appointed National Security Advisor to the President in 1996.
Ban was the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Korea from January 2004 to November 2006. In February 2006, he began to campaign for the office of Secretary-General. He received an MBA from Anderson School of Management at University of California, Los Angeles, and works for an investment firm in New York.

Photo:  Barack Obama and his wife - Ban-Ki-Moon and his wife

Syria: Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations - 'mediating role'