United Nations declared war on Libya

Speech of Muammar Al Gaddafi at the United Nations:





NATO’s “Liberation” of Libya: grenade attacks and car explosions

Clashes in Libyan capital, car blast rocks Benghazi.jpgNovember 4, 2012

Intelligence HQ in Libyan capital under grenade attack, militias clash outside


Libya’s intelligence headquarters has been struck by a rocket propelled grenade as two rival militia groups clashed in Tripoli, says Al Arabiya TV.
At least five people have been injured, while the building has been partially destroyed, RT’s Paula Slier reports.

According to Al Jazeera the two militia groups clashed as one gang was trying to rescue one of its members, who had been captured by the other gang.

The Central Tripoli Hospital also came under fire as militiamen attacked one another.

Earlier on Sunday a car bomb targeted a police station in the city of Benghazi injuring three police officers.

The attacks come just days after some 100 civilians and self-proclaimed rebels broke into the Libyan National General Congress, forcing the parliament to postpone a vote on a new cabinet.

More than a year after Muammar Gaddafi`s regime was dismantled, the country is still torn by clashes between armed militias, with the current government failing to restrain them.

Another problem is Libyan fragmentation, with numerous tribes confronting one another. On Saturday several thousand Libyans rallied for autonomy of the east, which has vast oil resources.

Photo: On Nov 5, 2012, Libya's two largest cities were rocked by violence with clashes between militias wounding five in the capital and a car blast hurting three policemen in Benghazi.



1.3.11.Mrs Clinton said Col Gaddafi must go now.without further violence or delay.jpg

Hillary Clinton: 'Libya may become democracy or face civil war'

1 March 2011

Libya could become a peaceful democracy or face years of civil war, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has told Congressional lawmakers.

Mrs Clinton appeared on Capitol Hill to urge Congress not to cut funds needed to deal with crises abroad.

Meanwhile, US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said the US was weighing "a lot of options and contingencies".

The comments came a day after the US began repositioning warships and military aircraft in the Libya region.
'Decision space'

In Washington on Tuesday, senior officials in President Barack Obama's administration maintained pressure on Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi to step down from power.

At the Pentagon, Mr Gates said the US military aimed to give Mr Obama "the broadest possible decision space", while emphasising that no decision on a course of action had been made.

He said 400 US Marines had been deployed to assist in humanitarian and evacuation efforts.

Meanwhile, Mrs Clinton reiterated demands that Col Muammar Gaddafi "must go now, without further violence or delay".

"The entire [Middle East] region is changing, and a strong and strategic American response will be essential," Mrs Clinton said to the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee in prepared testimony.

"In the years ahead, Libya could become a peaceful democracy, or it could face protracted civil war. The stakes are high.

"And this is an unfolding example of how we use the combined assets of diplomacy, development and defence to protect our interests and advance our values."

She added that the US was working to translate the "world's outrage into action and results".

The US ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, told reporters in Washington that the US would continue to place pressure on Col Gaddafi until he resigns, while working to stabilise oil prices and avert a possible humanitarian crisis.

"We are going to keep the pressure on Gaddafi until he steps down and allows the people of Libya to express themselves freely and determine their own future," Ms Rice told US media.


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