Latest News Syria: Internal Security Forces' Day


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May 29, 2013

Under the auspices of President Bashar al-Assad, the Internal Security Forces' Day was marked as a commemoration of the parliament's guards and internal security members who were martyred by the French occupation in 1945.

Interior Minister, Lt. Gen. Mohammad al-Shaar said in a speech during a ceremony organized on the occasion that ''It is a great honor to represent President Bashar al-Assad here, and to convey to you his pride in the efforts of the internal security forces to preserve the homeland's security and stability.''

The minister recalled in his speech the heroism day on May 29, 1945 and the valor of the internal security members who refused to bow to the colonizer and take down the Syrian flag, falling martyrs by the gunfire of the French forces.

He added that this horrible crime was a desperate attempt by the French colonizer to emerge from the bottleneck as it was driven into a corner by the national resistance over more than 25 years, in an attempt to bring Syria to its knees.

Al-Shaar said that the global war waged on Syria that is led by major powers is ''yet another chapter of the colonialist conspiracy,'' reiterating that no one can undermine Syria's cultural, national, regional and international role.

Al-Shaar added that backing the terrorists with weapons and funds to commit heinous crimes and target every facet of the Syrians' lives will only sharpen the resolve of the Syrian people, who had had a taste of colonialism throughout history and ''refused to bow or cede one single right or grain of land.''

The interior minister lauded the sacrifices of the Syrian people, army and security forces against the armed terrorists on whom the noose is tightening under the strikes of the Syrian army, adding that the frenzied media campaign is a desperate attempt to lift their flagging morale.

Al-Shaar added that the Syrian-Syrian dialogue is the only way out of the crisis, which Syria is trying to achieve through the political program for solving the crisis for building the Syria that is a homeland of all ''except those who took up arms and had the blood of Syrians on their hands.''

Al-Shaar said that commemorating the May 29 anniversary celebrates martyrdom as a sublime value and ''the pride in the heritage that was passed down to us by the parliament's martyrs.''

He pointed out that the internal security forces stand side by side with the armed forces in combating terrorism for restoring security and stability, safeguarding liberties and enforcing law and order.

Assistant interior minister emphasized the sublime meanings of the occasion which embodies the homeland's freedom ''that is the most precious of all.''

Families of the May 29 martyrs, along with the families of martyrs who fell in the line of duty and a number of injured security members were honored in the ceremony.

Minister al-Shaar and senior police officers visited the Martyrs' Hall at the People's Assembly and met with Speaker of the Assembly, Mohammad al-Laham. The two sides elaborated on the heroism and sacrifices of the parliament's guards and internal security members who were martyred on May 29, 1945.

M. Ismael