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Tunisia: fight against foreign backed terrorism

Tunisias Prime Minister Ali Larayedh.jpg

Tunisia’s Prime Minister Ali Larayedh says the country has made progress in dismantling terrorist cells.

“There is progress in dismantling the terrorist networks. We are confronted by small groups who practice terrorism and have links to terrorist parties,” Larayedh said on Thursday. 

“Members from the Tunis Salafist movement have connections with local and foreign terrorist groups. They are encouraging armed rebellion against the state through violence and terrorism,” the Tunisian premier stated.

Tunisian authorities arrested over 200 people including the supporters of the Ansar al-Sharia group on May 19, during clashes that erupted when the group called on its followers to assemble in the capital’s suburb of Ettadhamen. 

The Tunisian government recently banned Ansar al-Sharia from holding its annual congress in Kairouan, the capital of Kairouan Governorate, saying the group posed a “threat to public order.” 

Larayedh also warned, “We will continue to pursue them and all people who practice violence or have links with the terrorists.”