Israel declares war on Syria: Russia

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Al-Moallem to Lavrov: 'Syria Has the Right as Per International Law and UN Charter to Respond to Israeli Aggression'

May 6, 2013

Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moalled discussed in a phone call with Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov on Monday the volatile situation in the region following the Israeli aggression on Syria which took place on Sunday.

Minister al-Moallem pointed out that the criminal Israeli aggression on Syrian sites shows the nature of the goals that link Israel with the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

He also said that the aggression confirms Israel's involvement along with its supporters in the US and western Europe in shedding Syrian blood and preventing a cessation of violence and terrorism, all of which aims to weaken Syria and undermine its regional and international standing.

Al-Moallem stressed that Syria has the right to respond to such aggressions as per international law and the UN Charter.

For his part, Lavrov affirmed Russia's commitment to Syria's stability, voicing concern over the violation of its sovereignty and territories and warning over the increasing chances of developments that cannot be controlled in the region.

Lavrov also briefed al-Moallem on the communiqués made by Russia to halt the deterioration in the region caused by the Israeli raid on Syria, affirming that international and regional efforts are joined in preventing escalation of tension.

The two Ministers concluded their talks by agreeing to continue communiqués to deal with any potential developments.

Bogdanov Discusses with Ambassador Haddad Latest Developments in Syria

MOSCOW, (SANA) - Russian President's Special Representative to the Middle East, Deputy Foreign Minister, Mikhail Bogdanov discussed with Syrian Ambassador in Russia Riyad Haddad the latest development in Syria and region.

In a statement issued on Monday, the  Russian Foreign Ministry said that the two sides discussed the latest developments in Syria, adding that the Russian side stressed the necessity of respecting Syria's sovereignty and territorial  integrity.

The statement also stressed on finding immediate solution to the crisis in Syria on base of the national dialogue among the Syrian themselves.

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Syrian army eliminates terrorists: Israel declares war on Syria


The Army Tightens Grip over Jabhat al-Nusra Strongholds in Ghouta

May 4, 2013

A military source announced that the armed forces on Saturday tightened grip over the towns of al-Abbadeh and Tall Ghreqeh in the Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countryside.

The source noted that two towns are considered strongholds for the takfiri terrorists affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra in the Eastern Ghouta.

The source added that the army gained control over al-Abbadeh and Tall Ghreiqeh as a result of a special operation the army unit carried out in the area, in which large numbers of terrorists were killed and their equipment and weapons were seized.

The Army Gains Control over al-Mashtal Area in al-Qseir

Meanwhile, the army restored security and stability to al-Mashtal area on the outskirts of the city of al-Qseir after having destroyed the terrorists' dens in the area.

A military source told SANA that units of the armed forces gained control over al-Mashtal area after destroying the last gatherings and dens of the terrorists.

The source added that the army units dismantled scores of explosive devices planted by terrorists on the main roads, with all the terrorists were killed.

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On 3.14.2012, America’s Defense Department’s best-known geek announced that she was leaving the Pentagon for a job at Google

Latest news: Israel declares war against Syria


Explosions Hit Scientific Research Center in Jamraya Caused by an Israeli Rocket Attack

May 5, 2013

Several explosions hit al-Hameh area in Damascus countryside on Sunday.

Initial information indicated that the explosions took place in Jamraya and targeted the Scientific Research Center there causing casualties.

The information also indicated that these explosions have been caused by Israeli rocket attacks.

The new Israeli aggression is a clear attempt to raise the gunmen morale after the painful blows they received at the hands of our valiant army in several places and after the achievements which were realized on the ground by our armed forces to restore security and stability to Syria.

The new Israeli aggression shows the direct involvement of the Zionist entity in the conspiracy against Syria and the relationship that links the armed terrorist groups with the Israeli hostile schemes backed by the Western, regional and some Gulf states.

Senior Israeli Official Admits Aggression on Jamraya Center

Meanwhile, a high ranking Israeli official admitted that Israel launched an aggression on Syria early Sunday.

AFP quoted the Israeli official, who asked not to be named, as saying that Israel launched an air attack early Sunday morning on sites in Damascus Countryside using "Iranian weapons" as a pretext.

The Israeli official added that Israel's air force is at a very high level of readiness to face any possibility.

US President Barack Obama reiterated in a statement on Saturday thatIsrael has the right to work to defend itself.

Earlier, the Jamraya site was the target of an Israeli strike on January 30.

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On 3.14.2012, America’s Defense Department’s best-known geek announced that she was leaving the Pentagon for a job at Google