Syria: Displaced Syrians in Bulgarian camp suffer inhuman conditions

November 29, 2013

Sofia, (SANA) - Amnesty International called on the Bulgarian authorities to act to improve the living conditions of the displaced Syrians at Harmanli camp in south Bulgaria, near the Turkish border, which it and international non-government human rights organizations described as inhuman and appalling.

A report published by the Agence France-Presse showed most of Syrian children in the camp suffer from cough and walk around barefooted, while women cook food in primitive mud ovens.

Based on testimonies of the displaced people, the report highlighted how the people have no access to medicines and are not allowed to leave the surrounding of the torn tens except to buy food.

The report indicated that the residents in Harmali camp suffer from moisture in the tents due to the snow, noting that most of the camp residents have undergone blackmail by smugglers who brought them to Bulgaria.

After a sharp debate, the Bulgarian government decided to build a 33 km long and 3 m high fence along the border with Turkey in a bid to cut down the flow of refugees who enter Bulgaria illegally across its neighbor.

Displaced Syrians who were forced to leave the homeland fleeing the armed terrorist groups are suffering hardships and inhuman living conditions in the camps set on the borders of Syria's neighboring countries, particularly al-Zaatari camp in Jordan.

The Syrians are prevented from leaving the camps and going back home and are being exploited in many ways.

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Latest News Syria: Syrian Community in Bulgaria

Syrian Community in Bulgaria Protest outside Turkish Embassy in Sodality with Syria.jpg

Syrian Community in Bulgaria Protest outside Turkish Embassy in Sodality with Syria

21 May 2013 

The Bulgarian Committee in Solidarity with Syria, the Syrian community and the Syrian National Students’ Union in Bulgaria staged on Tuesday a mass protest outside the Turkish Embassy in the Bulgarian capital city of Sofia.

Participants in the protest expressed their solidarity with Syria’s army, leadership and people in face of the conspiracy and their condemnation of the crimes committed by the Turkish Government in Syria.

They stressed full support of the Bulgarian political parties and forces to the leadership, army and people of Syria, highlighting the right of Syria to defend its territories against the Erdogan-backed terrorists who come from the Turkish-Syrian borders.

They underscored that what is happening in Syria has become clear for the whole world, condemning the western-backed terrorism in Syria.

the participants considered what is being promoted for in the media on Syria as “completely untrue as events proved that the armed terrorist groups are one form of al-Qaeda supported by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey under the supervision of the U.S. administration with the aim of looting the wealth of Syria.”

The Syrian students in Bulgaria expressed condemnation of the Turkish policy which is based on supporting and facilitating the entry of terrorists across the borders and providing them with chemical weapons just as what happened in Khan al-Assal in Aleppo.

They stressed their support to the Syrian Army and leadership, pledging allegiance to the homeland and the Syrian Army, in addition to their support to the political program to resolve the crisis in Syria.



Hillary Clinton concerned about Russia’s growing influence...

US soldiers in Bulgaria.jpgBulgaria asks for permanent US troops presence – report

The treaty permits the US to use the bases “for missions in third country without a specific authorization from Bulgarian authorities...”


18 December, 2012 

Bulgaria has asked the United States to place a permanent military force in the country aimed at strengthening security in the region and increasing their military cooperation, local media reports.

Bulgarian Defense Minister Anu Anguelov has discussed the opening of a US military base in Novo Selo, near Sliven, with officials of the Pentagon in early December, reports Dneven Trud daily newspaper citing sources in the Bulgarian military.

Nothing has yet been set in ink, but if the deal is to go through, it could double the American troop numbers in the country, according to the report. 

If an agreement is reached, anti-war activist Brian Becker, argues it would surrender Sofia’s power to the US government, as troops pose “a threat to the national sovereignty of the people of Bulgaria because they have foreign military bases, and it incorporates Bulgaria, makes it more secure as part of an American political, economic as well as military formation. You really can't be a free country and free people and have foreign troops on your soil,” he told RT.

US troops have been present in Bulgaria for over six years under a Defense Cooperation Agreement signed by the both states in April 2006.  Under the arrangement, Americans are allowed to train their troops at four Bulgarian bases, which remain under Sofia’s command and under the Bulgarian flag. 

However, the presence of the US forces in Bulgaria is also an American “method” of securely “fastening the country and its economy and its political leaders to Washington both in terms of the incorporation of US military equipment, selling US military goods abroad, which is a big business here”, Becker says.

Such a military buildup will also threaten Russia, Becker added, as “there is a strong motive force to maintain the cold war even without the Soviet Union and to incorporate the countries of eastern and central Europe, the former Warsaw Pact countries into an American sphere of interest through the medium of NATO.”

The treaty also permits the US to use the bases “for missions in third country without a specific authorization from Bulgarian authorities.” 

Photo: US soldiers run during the media day of the tri-nation military exercise "Immediate response 06" in Novo Selo training base 19 July 2006. (AFP Photo/Valentina Petrova)