Open Letter to the minister of Belgan justice Annemie Turtelboom

HELEN.THOMAS.Palestine.White House.jpgFollowing our Open Letter to the Belgian Minister of Justice concerns the detention of activist Marcel Vervloesem, well known for his fight against child pornography (Zandvoort childporn case), we had some problems with our Facebook.

In Belgium there is a cooperation contract between the Internet providers and Justice.

What about the cooperationo of Justice (and state security services) with Facebook?


Photo: Helen Thomas, an American author and former news service reporter. She was member of the White House Press Corps and defended the rights of the Palestinians.
Sometimes ago there was a group called 'Helen Thomas' on Facebook.
This group was not administered. On these group everything seemed possible. For several months some people of this group used false identities; used the identities of other Facebook members; used photos of other Facebook members for pornographic collages; published photos of massacres of Palestinians, commented in the most disgusting way. They deleted posts, comments and photos; replaced them; changed the location of the posts. They had fake accounts and continuously provoked Palestinian activists which responded all the time and whick accounts were closed after certain complaints. It was a real war. The complaints addressed to Facebook about all these things remained untreated. At a given moment we found out that the group was hacked by the so called Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF) which has close contacts with the far right political party of Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli minister of Foreign Affairs who was talking about the ethnic cleansing of Israel and promoted the bombing of Iran.
After months of struggle, the group was closed by Facebook.


20.000 children sexually abused by 800 Roman Catholic priests in Holland

It is clear that the Catholic Church, even at the highest level, is involved in child abuse.
One may wonder why in Belgium there exists a special committee to handle these cases within the Catholic church discreetly while ordinary people who are accused of pedophilia, are immediately imprisoned, even if there is insufficient evidence of sexual abuse and even if the allegations are intended to hide massive child abuse. 

It is also strange that all the court records about sexual abuse were given back to the ecclesiastical authorities , because of 'procedural errors'.  They only speak about a financial compensation.  This may be because in Belgium there is still a close link between the Catholic Church and the Christian Democratic Party which is very powerful and protects child abusers.

There is also much hypocrisy under politicians, politically appointed judges and the government-subsidized (government controlled) press.   For months, politicians of some political parties were talking about 'child abuse within the church' while they themselves or members of their political parti are involved in child abuse.  During years politicians, corrupted judges and press accused Marcel Vervloesem of the association Werkgroep Morkhoven from child abuse while these accusations were purely used to cover up the Zandvoort childporn case (90.000 victims).

Phedophelia - 20,000 children sexually abused by 800 Roman Catholic priests in Holland