Latest news Syria: Syrian Arab News Agency


Latest news of the Syrian Arab News Agency (which is regularly blocked)


- Geneva2 begins with particpation of Syria's offical delegation, headed by al-Moallem 

- Al-Moallem : Counterterrorism priority for all Syrians , Wang: No foreign solution can be imposed on Syrians

- PM stresses Syria’s commitment to enhance relations with China

- Minister Haidar: US prevented genuine national opposition inside from attending Geneva 2

- Syrian officials visit a number of religious institutions in Sydnaya city 

- Army eliminates terrorists, destroys their weapons and hideouts

- New batch of Russian humanitarian aid to displaced Syrians arrives in Beirut

- Culture Minister: We face the crisis through promoting cultural activities 

- 5 citizens martyred, others injured in terrorist car bomb in Hasaka

- Al-Moallem to Ban Ki-moon: Need to prioritize combating terrorism

- Shaaban: Some points in Geneva1 communique still valid, reality requires change in priorities

- Al-Jaafari: Geneva 2 is required to help Syrian people, end terrorism

- Assistant Health Minister: illegal entry of medicines, vaccinations curb efforts to control transmitted diseases

- Syrians, home and abroad, support homeland in confronting terrorism 

- China affirms importance of avoiding imposing foreign solution to crisis in Syria

- Lavrov: Russia's partners understand importance of internal opposition's joining Geneva2

- Rohani : No state can determine Syria's destiny on behalf of the Syrians 

- Geneva2, Russia:we want to preserve Syria as sovereign state..China:Solution in Syria political

- Iran : Any regional move on Syria should put counterterrorism on top priorities 

- Information Minister: Some delegations seemed like ambassadors for terrorist groups


Russian humanitarian aid 


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