Latest News Syria: foreign backed terrorists eliminated

November 28, 2013

Provinces, (SANA)- Units of the armed forces on Thursday carried out several operations against terrorists in a number of areas in the country, killed and injured terrorists and destroyed their hideouts and gatherings.

Army units kill 35 terrorists in Hama countryside

A unit of the armed forces repelled members of an armed terrorist group who were attempting to sneak into the safe areas in Zour Abu Zaid in Mhardeh countryside and attack the army checkpoints, killing 35 terrorists and injuring 10 others, in addition to destroying their vehicles.

Army units eliminate terrorists in Homs countryside

A unit of the armed forces destroyed a terrorists' den full of weapons and ammunition and killed all terrorists inside it in Om al-Reish village in Jub al-Jarah area in Homa countryside.

Army units kill terrorists, destroy their dens in Daraa and its countryside

Units of the armed forces killed and injured many terrorists, in addition to destroying their dens in Daraa and its countryside.

A military source told SANA that the army units destroyed terrorists' dens and gatherings, in addition to killing and injuring many terrorists in al-Mqaibra, al-Nasriyeh and al-Ghader villages in the western countryside of Daraa.

The source added that an army unit repelled terrorists' attempt to infiltrate into the electricity company in al-Hamadin neighborhood, killing and injuring scores of them.

Another army unit hunted terrorists in Daraa camp and killed many of them, in addition to destroying their weapons.

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