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November 6, 2013

Damascus, (SANA) – President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday met a delegation of the Algerian National Committee for Supporting the Steadfastness of Syria, which comprises Algerian political, media and academic figures and is chaired by head of the committee Ramadan Boudla'a.

During the meeting, President al-Assad affirmed that the Algerian people's support for Syria isn't unusual for this people, particularly as the Algerian people have had a very similar experience to what the Syrians are experiencing now in confronting terrorism, adding that the Syrian and Algerian people share an honorable history of confronting colonialism.

President al-Assad said that what is happening in the region affirms the need for uniting the efforts of Arab elite figures and nationalist to create an intellectual deterrent capable of protecting pan-Arabism and nationalism and confronting changes and foreign and takfiri plots targeting Arabs' present and future.

For their part, members of the delegation affirmed that the Algerian people support the steadfastness of the Syrian army and people in the face of terrorism and plots of sedition and division which are backed by regional and international sides, stressing that these projects target all Arabs, not just Syrians.

They also voiced confidence that Syria, the symbol of resistance and the first defender of Arab causes and interests, will be victorious.

H. Sabbagh

Photo: President Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt. Nasser supported the Palestinian cause and the right to self-determination. In 1956 after the United States had refused to grant aid for building the Aswān Dam, Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal. The nationalization led to the 1956 Arab-Israeli War, in which Great Britain, France, and Israel jointly attacked Egypt.


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Le contraire de la délégation efficace est la microgestion, où un gestionnaire fournit trop d'entrée, la direction, et l'examen des travaux délégués. En général, la délégation est bonne et peut économiser temps et argent, aider dans le renforcement des compétences, et de motiver les gens. Pauvre délégation, d'autre part, peut causer de la frustration et de la confusion de toutes les parties impliquées.

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