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Morsi rejects to step down, Tamarod calls on republican guards to arrest him

Jul 3, 2013

Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi continued insistence on ignoring the demands of the Egyptian people who frankly demand him to resign, claiming that the Egyptians have chosen him in free elections.

In a televised speech addressed to the Egyptian people on Tuesday, Morsi said that he had been voted for in a free and fair elections and it was his job to safeguard the legitimacy that brought him to power.

In a sign of Morsi’s rejection to step down and respond to his people’s demand, he added “I have no choice except to shoulder responsibility ..I was , still and will shoulder responsibility,” pledging to protect his “constitutional legitimacy” with his life.

He said “legitimacy is the only guarantee to prevent bloodshed,” ignoring that legitimacy is derived from the people, who demand him to “go”.

Earlier Morsi called on the Egyptian army to withdraw its 48-hour ultimatum directed to him on Monday to respond to the people’s demands.

Tamarod (rebel) Movement spokesman described Morsi’s speech as “naive”, pledging that millions of Egyptians will pour into streets on Wednesday to topple him.

A Health Ministry spokesman said that 16 protesters were killed and 200 others were wounded in clashes near Cairo University following Morsi’s speech.

National Salvation Front Spokesman Khaled Dawwoud said “”This is an open call for a civil war … The President continues to deny the demands of the Egyptian people to resign.”

Tamarod Movement called on the Egyptian Republican Guards to arrest Morsi .

Since June 30, millions of Egyptians amassed in Tahrir Square and cities across the country demanding Morsi to step down.

Egyptian military sources stressed that Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhoods’ gangs carnival on the crisis in Syria and their calls for jihad along with the armed terrorist groups in Syria and for foreign military intervention constituted a turning point to the military institution regarding Morsi’s way and approaches in running the state.

The sources added the army was concerned over the way Morsi is ruling the country after attending a gathering calling for jihad in Syria in June15.

They expressed astonishment that Morsi himself called for the foreign interference in Syria.

H. Zain / Ghossoun


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