Latest News Syria: Sit-in outside Egyptian embassy in Damascus


June 30, 2013

Scores of citizens organized a sit-in outside the Egyptian embassy in Damascus on Sunday in solidarity with the Egyptian people in their movement to withdraw confidence from the Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi and demand the departure of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The participants chanted slogans of solidarity with the Egyptian people, condemning the Muslim Brotherhood rule and rejecting Morsi's attempts to break the bonds between the two countries.µ

They raised placards demanding shutting down the Israeli embassy in Cairo and stressing the unbreakable bonds between the Syrian and Egyptian people against Zionism and its tools in the region.

The participants said the sit-in comes to express full support to the Egyptians in their rejection of the Brotherhood rule, affirming the deep Syrian-Egyptian relations.

They saw that backing the Egyptian people in their struggle to recover their freedom from Morsi and his group is a duty, stressing that the Egyptians are facing the same powers which are waging a war against the Syrian people.

M. Ismael


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