Russia: US, UN undermining Geneva peace talks on Syria


Lavrov slams US, UN for undermining Geneva peace talks on Syria

June 21, 2013

The US must choose whether it wants to stage a peace conference on Syria or keep fueling the rebels’ hopes of victory as it’s impossible to do both things at the same time, Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, said.

Lavrov told Bloomberg that Russia wants to understand if their partners in America and the United Nations are really consistent with the idea of the Geneva 2 conference on Syria as their actions keep sending the wrong message to the country’s opposition. 

The US and its European allies are considering arms supplies and a no-fly zone over Syria to help the rebels in their fight against the forces loyal to president, Bashar Assad. 

“The message the opposition is getting: ‘Guys, don’t go to Geneva. Don’t say that you are going to negotiate with the regime. Soon things will change in your favor.’ So, that’s what we want to clarify. It’s either the conference or the instigation of the opposition not to be flexible. I don’t think it’s possible to do both at the same time,” Lavrov said. 

The Foreign Minister reminded that Russia has been pushing for the peace solution “irrespective of the situation on the ground,” while the West started speaking of a conference only after Assad’s forces began advancing on the rebels.   

“They weren’t ready to discuss it when many people believed that the opposition would take Damascus in recent weeks,”
 he stressed. “If now they’ll be moving in the direction of what some opposition leaders are saying – namely, let’s first restore military balance on the ground and then we’ll go the conference. This’ll be a disaster for all diplomatic efforts because this would never end.” 

According to Lavrov, Russia, the US and the UN are currently working on the list of invitees to the Geneva 2 conference, with two key issues currently being unsolved. 

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