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Government to take procedures to restore Syrian Pound’s price to normal

Jun 17, 2013

Premier wael al-Halqi affirmed that the government pursues the Syrian Pound price against foreign currencies and takes a package of economic procedures that guarantee “the stability of the national economy in the face of the media and economic war waged on the country.”

“The great victories of the Syrian Arab Army in addition to the measures taken by the government on all levels would gradually restore stability to the Syrian pound and national economy, al-Halqi, heading a meeting of the economic committee on following up the price of the Syrian pound said.

He affirmed that the government has big reserve of the foreign currency to provide the local market with the needs of the production requirement.

Central Bank of Syria to sell foreign currency, fund Imports

In a relevant context, Governor of Central Bank of Syria (CBS) Adeb Mayaleh said that as of Tuesday, the bank will respond to the banks’ demands for buying the foreign currency from CBS to finance imports according to the market needs.

“CBS will provide the exchanging institutions and the Commercial Bank of Syria with the foreign currency by acceptable prices in order to meet the citizens’ requests to buy the foreign currencies according to regulations which sell each citizen an amount of 1000 Euro per month,” Mayaleh said in a statement.

In this regard, Mayaleh affirmed that the government put the needed mechanisms to activate the credit facilitation line granted by Iran with 1 billion USD to fund a big part of the market needs.

The CBS procedures come to restore the price of the Syrian pound against the foreign currencies back to normal.



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