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Mikdad: Syria Welcomes Any Effort to Make Egyptian Public Opinion Aware of Events in Syria

Jun 10, 2013

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad on Monday met the Egyptian media delegation currently visiting Syria and discussed with its members current developments in Syria and the region and the western challenges which seek to fragment the Arab region and liquidate the Palestinian cause in service of Israel.

Dr. Mikdad emphasized the historical relations between the people in Syria and Egypt and the role of media establishments in bolstering them, particularly since this serve the interests of the two countries' people.

He said that Syria welcomes any effort by civil and media establishments to make the Egyptian public opinion aware of the events in Syria and end the misdirection practiced by some sides in order to mislead some Egyptians to join armed terrorist groups in Syria.

Dr. Mikdad said that Syria is prepared to find a solution for the issue of Egyptians involved in the events in Syria.

For their part, the Egyptian journalists voiced their keenness on Syria and its sovereignty and independence, expressing solidarity with the Syrian people in the face of the terrorism targeting them which is manipulated by western countries and their pawns in several Arab countries. They also decried the suspect role played by the Arab League in this matter.

The delegation members said they are determined to reveal the goals of the attack which Syria is weathering on behalf of the Arab nation, adding that this attack is orchestrated by the west and Israel with the aim of weakening the Arab nation and undermining its sovereignty and independence.

H. Sabbagh


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