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Army Ambushes Terrorists, Eliminates Terrorists Leaders

Jun 4, 2013

Units of the armed forces ambushed an armed terrorist group fled from al-Qseir into Homs-Damascus Highway.

SANA reporter quoted a source in the province as saying that the armed forces killed, in an ambush, in Shamsin area a number of terrorists, injured others and seized an RPG launcher.

The source added that another unit of the armed forces killed an armed terrorist group in Al Rajjoub street in Jourt al-Shayyah, and killed and injured a number of terrorist in another operation in Wadi al-Saieh and Bab Hud neighborhoods in Homs City.

In the framework of its continued operations against terrorists in Homs and its countryside, a unit of the armed forces killed an armed terrorist groups tried to inter al-Qseir city from Dhairij village to support the terrorists in al-Qseir.

An official source told SANA reporter that the terrorists, who were coming from Irsal mountains, were killed and injured on al-Dabaa-Dhairij road.

In Talbeiseh town, a unit of the armed forces killed a number of terrorists in al-Mshajar al-Janoubi neighborhood, among them terrorists Mohammad Khder Hammadeh, Mohammad Khalid Swaif, Abdul Mun'am Diyab and Mohammad Jamil Yahya.

Meanwhile, units of the armed forces continued their operations against terrorists in al-Khaldiyeh and al-Qarabis neighborhoods and al-Bwida al-Sharkia village and in al-Rastan and Aqrab. The army also destroyed terrorists' hideouts and criminal tools.

Army Kills Terrorists' Leaders in Damascus Countryside

The armed forces eliminated a number of terrorists' leaders in Damascus Countryside, among the killed terrorists were the leaders of two terrorist groups.

An official source said that the army continued operations to restore security and stability to Damascus-Homs highway and killed two terrorists' leaders, Abu Hamza of "Rijal Allah Battalion" and Yaser al-Hamwi of "Ansar al-Haq Brigade", and dismantled 3 explosive devices planted by terrorist near the highway in Harasta.

An army unit destroyed a terrorists' hideout in the area of Zamalka and killed and injured the terrorists hiding in it, terrorist Mohammad Amen Sharaf was identified among the injured.

Another army unit killed scores of terrorists to the east of Masraba town, among them were Abdullah Sanari and Otham Thalja.

Terrorists Abdul-Karem al-Khateeb and Muhaymen al-Nasser were killed in al-Mleiha and terrorists Khaled Katkout and Mohammad Barbar were eliminated in Joubar.

In Hijjera town, an army unit carried out several operations in which it destroyed a mortar and a number of heavy machineguns and eliminated scores of terrorists, among them were Mohammad al-Shalabi and Taher al-Ghosh.

Meanwhile, the army clashed with terrorist groups in the area of al-Tal and killed scores of terrorists, among them were Hassan al-Qalmouni, the leader of the so-called " Ansar al-Haq Brigade" terrorist group and Mur'e Zaidan. 

Army Continues Operations, Eliminates Terrorists in Aleppo

The army continued operations against the armed terrorist groups in the areas of Minnegh, Khan al-Assal and Bustan al-Qasr in Aleppo.

An official source said that a 23-mm anti-aircraft machinegun was destroyed in addition to a number of heavy machineguns in the areas of Hreitan and Kifr Hamra, adding that scores of terrorist were killed during the operations.

The army also targeted terrorists' gatherings near Minnegh Airport and the Agricultural Research Center, killing scores of terrorists and destroying their weaponry and munitions.

A terrorist group was eliminated on the road of al-Mislamyeh-al-Owaijeh, among the killed terrorists was the group's leader, Abu al-Qaqa' and nine of his group's members.

Meanwhile, the army units clashed with terrorists in the areas of Khan al-Assal, Karm al-Tarrab, al-Naqqaren, al-Amiryeh and Bustan al-Qasr and killed and injured scores of terrorists.

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