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Syria Condemns in the Strongest Terms Israeli Plans to Build new Settlements

Jun 3, 2013

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry expressed strong condemnation of the plans of the Israeli occupation forces to build new settlements.

An official source at the Ministry said that "Syria condemns in the strongest terms the plans of the Israeli occupation forces to build new 1000 settlement units in the occupied Jerusalem."

"These plans reflect the criminal approach of Israel and its protectors and the failure of the international community, particularly the UN Security Council to stop the Israeli settlements building in the occupied Arab lands," the source said, considering these plans a flagrant violation of the UN Charter and the relevant international legitimacy resolution.

The source added that "Syria calls upon all the world's countries and the UN to put an end to these policies, which are being implemented at the expense of the present and future of the Palestinian people."

The source also called upon all the Arab people to confront this new Zionist aggression that targets the rights and sanctities of the Arab people.

Earlier, the Israeli occupation forces announced plans to build 1,000 settlement units east of occupied Jerusalem in the framework of a wider project that aims at building 80,000 settlement units in different areas in the occupied Palestinian lands. 

M. Nassr/ M. Ismael


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