Syria government: Care, aid and free basic services to citizens



Al-Halqi: Government Offers Aid and Free Basic Services to Citizens in Need

May 29, 2013

Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi said that the government is offering care, aid and free basic services to citizens in need under the current crisis.

Chairing a qualitative meeting of the Higher Committee for Relief, al-Halqi highlighted the financial and moral support that the government is offering citizens, expressing regret over the exploitation of the humanitarian conditions of the displaced Syrians by neighboring countries through international aid that goes to their coffers.

Al-Halqi called upon the Syrian families in the camps to ''cast away humility and hunger and return to the homeland,'' reiterating that the government's doors are open to all citizens.

''Syria's potential and resources are many and varied, and it has big reserve of basic materials, oil derivatives and medicine,'' al-Halqi said, adding that the government is working to rehabilitate what has been destroyed and to keep its basic services running across Syria.

He indicated that the government has decided to build 10 thousand residential units to host the affected families, which are to be redistributed to the families of state employees after the crisis ends.

Al-Halqi called upon the Committee to coordinate with international NGOs and activate the role of popular organizations, unions and the civil society to upgrade the committee's work and ensure its success.

Al-Halqi reiterated that Syria will emerge victorious from the crisis thanks to the faith of the Syrian people in implementing the political program, away from foreign meddling.

The committee's members expressed appreciation for the government's support, adding that the government is working under immense pressure and extraordinary circumstances, and continues to meet the needs of the displaced families and secure decent livelihood for citizens.

M. Ismael


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