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Tehran: Russia, China Will Participate in Meeting on Syria

May 25, 2013

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for the Arab and African Affairs Hussein Amir Abdullahian said that Russia and China will participate in a meeting due in Tehran on May 29th on Syria under the title "the Political Solution and regional Stability."

"The meeting is a step in the framework of realizing the political solution, based on the halt of violence and conducting national dialogue in Syria," Abdullahian said in a statement to IRNA.

He added that his country sent invitations to several countries including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar which had different stances over the crisis in Syria.

"We welcome the participation of those states in light of the regional cooperation," Abdullahian said.

Iran's UN Representative: We Hope the Conference Will Result in Peaceful Solution

Meanwhile, Iran's Permanent Representative to the UN, Mohammad Khazaei, expressed his hope that Tehran meeting and the international conference due to be held on Syria will come out with results that can lead to reaching a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria.

Khazaei expressed in an interview with the Monitor news website Iran's support for any move in the framework getting to solve the crisis in Syria peacefully.

The Iranian Fars news agency quoted as saying in the interview that his country welcomes the move to hold an international conference on Syria.

He stressed the need for the participation of all regional and international sides that are influential in the course of encouraging a peaceful solution and preventing interference in the Syrian internal affairs so as for the conference to be fruitful.

On Iran's participation in the conference, Khazaei said this participation is dependent on the "detailed mechanisms" of the conference, adding that "we will study the invitation if we received one."

He stressed that "The basis in the Syrian issue is to reach a peaceful solution that is led by the Syrians themselves."

The Iranian diplomat denied the allegations which say that Iranian military forces are present in Syria, stressing that "Contrary to the allegations made by some, there isn't any military force or military advisors for Iran in Syria."

"Unfortunately, there are some countries which are interfering in Syria and working to stoke the crisis in it by sending weapons to the extremist terrorist groups," Khazaei added.

On the use of chemical weapons in Syria, he said it has become more evident that the armed terrorist groups in Syria did use chemical weapons, which was already mentioned in the report of Carla deL Ponte, Head of the Commission set up by the UN Human Rights Council to investigate reports on chemical weapons use in Syria.

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