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Syria.Tunisian Popular Delegation.jpgForeign , Information Ministers Meet Tunisian Popular Delegation

May 22, 2013
Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem on Wednesday met a delegation representing Tunisian popular parties, welcoming the delegation and appreciating its solidarity with Syria in the face of the war targeting it.

Al-Moallem said that Syria's people and government are growing ever more steadfast in the face of the current crisis, asserting that Syria will emerge from this crisis stronger.

He pointed out that the crisis in Syria is the results of conspiracies by regional and international sides which seek to destroy Syria and keep the Syrian and Arab people busy to move them away from the central Arab issue which is Palestine, adding the conspirators also seek to destroy the social and cultural fabric of Syrians and undermine their coexistence.

Al-Moallem asserted that there is no choice other than victory and that Syria's victory will be a victory for the Arab nation's just causes, affirming the determination of Syria's leadership and people to stand firmly in the face of all pressure.

He also lauded the role of Arab national parties in confronting threats to the Arab nation, saying that Tunisia is a beacon of Arabism and underlining the strong historical relations between the people of Syria and Tunisia.

For their part, the delegation members voiced their support for Syria's people and leadership in the face of the conspiracy which employs false pretenses, intelligence agencies and deceitful media to implement its goals.

They also apologized for the Tunisian youths who are fighting alongside the armed terrorist groups, saying that these individuals represent only themselves and that the bulk of the Tunisian people are against Takfiri terrorist mentality.

In statements to journalists, delegation member Mohammad al-Azhar Ali from the People's Movement Party said that the meeting was very remarkable and that it tackled issues related to Syrian-Tunisian relations.

He said that the delegation raised the issue of misguided Tunisians who joined Takfiri groups to fight against the Syrian Army, in addition to discussing diplomatic relations, adding that the Syrian Foreign Ministry responded well to these issues, particularly the matter of Tunisians in Syria, and promised to follow up on it.

Al-Azhar said the delegation will pressure the Tunisian government which made mistakes in dealing with Syria and closed its embassy, saying that resolving this issue will lead to resolving all other issues between the two countries.

In turn, delegation member Abdelkarim al-Ghabiri from the Free Unionists Movement said that the delegation relays the greetings o the Tunisian people to the Syrian people and leadership, affirming that they will work hard to restore diplomatic relations between the two countries on the level of ambassadors.

Information Minister: Aggression on Syria Targets Syrian State's Identity and Political System

In a similar meeting with the Tunisian delegation, Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said that the aggression on Syria targets the Syrian state's identity and its political system.

Al-Zoubi affirmed that since the beginning, the Syrian government responded to legitimate demands through legislations and laws, specifically the political parties and media laws, but it became apparent that reform wasn't the real goal of those stirring the events in Syria.

He pointed out to the role played by some sheikhs in escalating the situation in Syria and moving it towards terrorism, murder and methodical destruction of the state's infrastructure.

Al-Zoubi underlined the achievements made in recent years in political, economic and social reform in Syria, touching on several points in Syria's contemporary history.

He voiced appreciation for the stances of the majority of Tunisians and their support for the Syrian people, saying that this support shows the depth of the relations between the two countries' people.

H. Sabbagh


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