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Syria.government.al-Halqi.20.5.2013.jpgAl-Halqi: Government Determined to Restore Splendor to Tourism Sector



May 20, 2013

Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi said that the Syrian government has numerous options for overcoming the crisis, and is capable of ironing out difficulties and challenges.

Chairing a meeting of the Supreme Council of Tourism on Sunday, al-Halqi said that the government is determined to go ahead with the dialogue process through implementing the political program for solving the crisis, stressing that the solution will only by a Syrian one and on the Syrian land.

He added that the Syrians can solve their own problems away from interference and dictates.

Al-Halqi said the Syrian government is determined to restore splendor to the tourism sector through giving attention to the historical, popular and religious tourism despite the armed terrorist attacks targeting it.

M. Ismael


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