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Maduro: Syrian People Deserve to Live in Peace

May 15, 2013

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro said ''We love Syria, and the Syrian people deserve to live in peace.''

Maduro's comments came during his meeting with the Marnonite Patriarch Mar Beshara Boutrus al-Rahi in Caracas on Tuesday.

The Venezuelan president said that he discussed with al-Rahi the crisis in Syria and expressed Venezuela's love to Syria.

In a statement to the Venezuelan TV, al-Rahi said he is in Venezuela to offer condolences over the demise of President Hugo Chavez and congratulate President Maduro for winning the presidential elections.

During a ceremony held in his honor in Caracas on Sunday, al-Rahi called for bringing peace to Syria and the Middle East, urging the international community to shoulder its responsibilities in this regard.

M. Ismael


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