Syria: Peaceful Cooperation with Iran


Project to Establish Five Grain Mills with Iranian Company's Cooperation

May 12, 2013

Syria and Iran on Sunday discussed means to immediately start implementing a project to build five grain mills in a number of Syrain provinces.

The discussion came during a meeting between Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi and General Manager of the Iranian Arad Machine company for manufacturing grinding machines, Jafar Shivazi.

Al-Halqi stressed during the meeting that this project comes in the framework of the strategic development plan set up by the government to boost the capabilities of the national economy in the future and secure the requirements of sustainable development in the various sectors.

He pointed out that the government will take all the necessary measures to immediately embark on the implementation of this project so as to achieve self-sufficiency in wheat production in Syria.

For his part, Shivazi stressed that the company is ready to start implementing this vital project, voicing his appreciation of the interest shown by the Syrian government and the facilitations it has offered to implement this project.

H. Said


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