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Nov 16, 2012

'Three More Palestinians Martyred on the Third Day of Israeli Aggression on Gaza'

GAZA, (SANA) – The death toll of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip raised to more than 23 martyrs, more than 248, including 148 children and women, were injured as Israel carried out hundreds of raids on several areas in the Strip in the third day of its aggression.

The Israeli raids targeted the areas of al-Zaytoon, al-Shate', al-Nassr, al-Sheikh Zayed, Rafah, Khan Younes and Jabalia.

The Israeli media said that 2 Israeli settlers were killed and more than 40 others were injured by the missiles of the Palestinian resistance, adding that explosions were heard in Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Resistance also downed an Israeli war plane after targeting it with an anti-air missile and shelled the occupied al-Quds city with the advanced missile M 75.

In an indicator of escalating its aggression on the Strip, the Israeli occupation army announced the call-up of 16,000 reservists.

The Israeli aggression has so far focused on air strikes, but Israeli officials threatened to launch a land aggression.

In response to teh Israeli raids, the Palestinian Resistance fired tens of missiles on several Israeli sites south of the occupied Palestine.

The Palestinian Press Agency reported that a number of missiles hit al-Naqab, Asdoud, Asqalan, causing material damage and spreading panic.

Al-Manar TV correspondent in Gaza said that the Resistance targeted an Israeli military vehicle in al-Breij Camp in the Strip, adding that the Resistance's missiles hit a ten-story building and a parking in Asdoud settlement.

Izz-Eddin al-Qassam and al-Nasser Salaheddin Brigades announced shelling a number of Israeli sites and settlements with missiles.

In the same context, an explosion was heard this afternoon in Tel Aviv following sirens and five injuries in the ranks of Israeli settlers were reported due to shelling by the Resistance's rockets.

The Israeli media admitted, according to al-Manar correspondent, that the Israeli War Minister Ehud Barak and member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee at the Israeli Knesset rushed down to shelters after rockets were fired towards the Knesset in occupied Jerusalem.

Israeli media also admitted that three Israeli settlers were injured, one with a serious injury, due to the fall of the Palestinian Resistance's rockets on Asqalan in the south of occupied Palestine.

It also announced the cut-off of internet and mobile phone network and the collapse of the Zionist stock market, indicating a state of panic and shock among the Israeli settlers over the Resistance's shelling of Israeli sites.

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