Syria: Washington seeking a 'peaceful' solution ?


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July 20, 2012

'Washington not seeking a peaceful solution for Syria crisis'

Washington has no desire to find a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis and has opted for a forced government change in the country, an American political analyst tells Press TV.
Lawrence Freeman, who works with Executive Intelligence Review, said in an interview on Friday that by arming and funding terrorist groups fighting against the Syrian government, US and other Western countries are trying to force government change.

He also accused Washington of following former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's policy of overturning sovereign nations under the so-called principle of “responsibility to protect” any time the West decides.

''So the US has no policy, has no vision for the future or to help the Syrian people. They are going for (former British premier) Tony Blair’s regime change policy and, by the way, Tony Blair, the author of this policy back in the 90s is now an adviser to [US] President [Barack] Obama,'' Freeman said.

The US analyst also said that Russia and China are opposing forced government change in Syria not only because of their ties with Damascus, but also because they want to stop this policy, since it might be aimed against them as well.

After Libya "the Russians, in particular, realize that this policy of overturning sovereign nations is also going to be aimed at them. China has a similar concern so they are going to fight this out. Not because of any immediate interest in Syria per se, although they have one, but because of a larger principle of stopping this policy," Freeman said.

Freeman's remarks came after Moscow and Beijing vetoed a UN Security Council draft resolution against the Syrian government, which called for new sanctions against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad under Chapter VII of the UN Charter.




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