Syria: Export Development


Director General of Export Development and Promotion Agency Affirms Continuing Support for Exporters

Feb 26, 2013

Director General of the Export Development and Promotion Agency Ihab Esmandar affirmed that the Agency will continue to provide direct and indirect support for Syrian exports, and that the Agency's work hasn't changed radically although its strategies have been amended to suit the current situation and the sanctions imposed on Syria.

In a statement to SANA on Tuesday, Esmandar said that the Agency is currently focusing on organizing expos abroad and participating in international expos in order to promote Syrian exports, in addition to organizing meetings between Syrian businessmen and their counterparts abroad.

He said that the Agency studied many products and markets in 2012 in order to develop Syrian exports, in addition to holding training courses on exports and focusing on bosoting cooperation with relevant authorities.

Esmandar said that the Agency plans to support Syria's participation in 58 different expos according to available resources.

He reviewed steps taken to implement a system for exports in Syria, which include establishing new agencies and establishments, implementing legal frameworks, and opening Agency offices in various areas.

Esmandar pointed out that so far, the Agency has provided SYP 600 million in direct export aid since it was established, apart from the indirect support such as courses, studies and organizing fairs.

H. Sabbagh


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