Latest News Syria: President al-Assad, Political Plan, Basis for Solution


Kremlin: President al-Assad Political Plan Is Good Basis for Solution

Jan 26, 2013

The Kremlin announced that the political program proposed by President Bashar al-Assad could be a good basis for solving the crisis in Syria.

"We sincerely believe the plan that was suggested by President Assad is a kind of continuation of the Geneva talks and could constitute a very good basis for further attempts of a settlement of the problem," Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary for Russian President Vladimir Putin, said in an interview with the American National Interest newspaper published on Friday.

Peskov stressed that the question to be asked now is "what we are all prepared to do in order to solve the Syrian crisis. Because there are lots of countries giving different kinds of support to rebels, to opposition, that definitely do not support a viable or sustainable solution to the Syrian crisis."

"To the contrary," the Russian President' Press Secretary added, "[this support] leads to further degradation of the situation there in Syria."

He affirmed that Russia supports the idea that "the future of Syria is subject to decisions taken by all sides of the Syrian conflict-President Assad, his government, the Syrian people, including those who are being named as opposition."

"Those are the only ones who should make a decision," he added, rejecting the idea of having the decision about Syria's future taken anywhere else.

The Russian official reiterated that the decision about the future of Syria "cannot be taken somewhere abroad, cannot be taken in the other capitals," stressing that "this kind of decision cannot be viable."

Margelog: Russia's Stance on Syria Is Firm

In a relevant context, Mikhail Margelov, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Russian State Duma, stressed that the increased support to the Syrian opposition by some countries further complicates the efforts to find a solution in Syria.

Margelov reiterated in a statement his country's firm stance on seeking to consolidate regional stability based on the international law, including the Syrian issue.

"Russia's stance towards the crisis in Syria has remained firm since the beginning as it stresses on internal reforms and dialogue among all the parties," the Russian official said.

He noted that the latest events related to "the increased external support for the Syrian opposition adds to the difficulty of reaching a compromise in Syria."

Margelov pointed out that the disharmony in the stances towards the crisis in Syria occupies a notable place among the contradictions between Russia, Europe and the US.

He warned that the events in Syria could turn out to cause a tragedy in the region because of the important geopolitical position Syria enjoys in the region.

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SANA: Death Toll of Clashes in Egypt Rises to 32


Death Toll of Clashes in Egypt Rises to 32, More Than 700 Wounded


Jan 26, 2013

The death toll of the ongoing clashes between Security Forces and demonstrators in Egypt which started since Friday on the 2nd anniversary of January 25th revolution rose to 32 and more than 700 wounded, according to medical sources and a statement by the Egyptian Health Ministry.

The Health Ministry stated that the number of killed people due to the continuous clashes in the city of Port Said increased up to 24 and more than 300 wounded.

Director of the Heath Affairs Department in the city, Dr. Helmi al-Afani, said the Department called upon the residents to donate blood and asked the doctors in the city to participate in treating the injured.

Events in Port Said escalated after the Criminal Court in the city issued death sentences against 21 people suspected in the events.

The families of the suspects reacted by trying to storm into the rescue and emergency garage of the province in a bid to get their hands on vehicles to use them in breaking into the Prison of Port Said and releasing the suspects. Accordingly, the security forces and policemen headed to the garage to keep the situation under control.

Clashes erupted later when another group of the suspects' families set ablaze the housing compound of the Central Security personnel outside the Port Said Hospital as well as the Electricity Directorate, while others blocked the road between Port Said and al-Ismailia.

Earlier, reports said that the clashes between the Security Forces and demonstrators near Port Said Prison resulted in the killing of 5 persons, among them an officer and a police officer, and injuring of 75 others.

Egyptian Interior Ministry Spokesman, Major Gen. Osama Ismael said that an officer and a police secretary were killed and scores of the Prisons guard forces were injured in the events.

Ismael added that the number of  police members who were injured during the last two days reached 122.

Egyptian al-Yaoum7 site quoted medical sources in al-Suez city as saying that the death toll of clashes in this port city rose to 9 , adding that the victims died of live bullets.

The sources said that 118 persons were injured during the clashes.

Ministry of Health reported that one citizen was killed in al-Ismailia city with more than 456 wounded people.

Clashes between Egyptian Security forces and protestors broke out in a number of Egyptian cities on the 2nd anniversary of January 25th revolution against policies of President Mohammad Morsi.

Meanwhile, more than 15 political powers in the country called on the Egyptian people to demonstrate on Saturday in protest of the policies of Morsi and the rule of the Muslim brotherhood.

The powers announced organizing a mass peaceful march at 3 afternoon setting off from al-Tahrir Square before Omar Makram mosque into al-Shura council.

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Latest News Syria: Heavy Losses Inflicted upon Terrorists


Heavy Losses Inflicted upon Terrorists, Three Tunnels Discovered in Damascus Countryside


Jan 26, 2013

The armed forces units continued on Saturday crackdown on the terrorists in Daraya, Douma, al-Husseineih, al-Bahdalieh and al-Dhiyabieh in Damascus countryside, killing and injuring their members.

An official source told SANA that three cars which were carrying weapons and ammos to the terrorists in al-Fashoukh farms west of Daraya city, adding that a number of terrorists, among them Mohammad Shafiq, nicknamed Abu Zaid, Mohammad Rajab, nicknamed Abu Khaled and Mohammad Kheir Shamma, were killed.

The source added that units of the armed forces pursued the remnants of terrorists on Darb al-Hadid road and the area surrounding the National Hospital and Shreida Square in the city, killing and injuring many.

The source said that another unit killed in a qualitative operation against terrorists' gatherings in Douma a number of terrorists, among them Ahmad Taffour, Haitham al-Tantawi, Abdo Hashem, Yehiya al-Hajjeh and Abdul-Ghani Badran.

Units of the armed forces pursued terrorists in al-Dhiyabieh, al-Husseineih and al-Bahdalieh, killing a number of them near al-Emarat building in al-Dhiyabieh, and destroyed a hideout for terrorists near SARA Co. in al-Husseineih and a car equipped with heavy machinegun in the vicinity of al-Shafei building in al-Bahdalieh.

A unit of the Armed Forces discovered three tunnels in Daraya in Damascus Countryside used by terrorists to transport weapons and ammunition.

An official source in the province told SANA reporter that the tunnels linking the finance and municipality buildings and Anas Mosque towards the Cultural Center.

Armed Forces Continue Confronting Terrorists in Aleppo and Its Countryside

An official source told SANA that the Armed Forces targeted gatherings of terrorists in the areas of Meng, Kafer Anton and Tal Azar, resulting in the death of several terrorists and the destruction of four of their bases along with the weapons and munitions inside them.

An Armed Forces unit killed and injured a number of terrorists in Kwayres and al-Safira, killing terrorists Omar al-Jabrani, Zeid Matar, Anas Ahmad al-Turk, and Murhaf al-Hassan Yousef al-Khdeir.

Other units destroyed terrorist bases in A'azaz, Manbej, Kafer Hamra, Marea'a, al-Bab, al-Zarbeh, al-Icarda, and al-Dwayrineh.

Terrorists from Jebhet al-Nasra clashed with other terrorists in al-Atareb, leading to the death of a number of terrorists including Mohammad Jwayna, and these conflicts are ongoing.

In Aleppo city, Armed Forces units clashed with terrorists in Sheikh Saeed area, killing a number of them including Abbas Sheikh Yassin, Omar Ahmad al-Fawwal, and Khalifa Fathi al-Fetouri.

Another unit targeted terrorist gatherings in al-Masaraniyeh, Bustan al-Qaser, al-Kallaseh, and al-Hal marketplace, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists.

Terrorists Attacking Central Prison in Idleb Repelled

In Idleb, units of the Armed Forces, in cooperation with the Internal Security Forces, pursued the armed terrorist groups attacking the Central Prison on Idleb-Salqin highway.

An official source in the province told SANA reporter that the Armed Forces carried out a qualitative operation against terrorists who were trying to fabricate videos on breaking into the external fence of the prison and send them to the satellite channels, killing a number of them and injuring others.

The Army also destroyed a big number of the terrorists vehicles.

A military source said that an Armed Forces unit eliminated a number of terrorists in the towns of Bansh, Maartamsrin, Sermin and Abu al-Zuhour, destroying a number of their vehicles.

Armed Forces Destroy Terrorists' Den in Homs Countryside

A unit of the Armed Forces destroyed a den of an armed terrorist group equipped with communication tools in al-Tiba al-Gharbiya in al-Houleh area in Homs countryside.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that the den was completely destroyed and all terrorists inside were eliminated.

Armed Forces units carried out a series of operations against terrorist gatherings in Kafaraya, al-Buwayda al-Sharqiya and al-Ghanto, destroying a number of terrorist hideouts and inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists.

In al-Mashtal in al-Qseir area, an Army unit eliminated a number of terrorists including snipers and destroyed their vehicles.

Armed Forces Clash with Terrorists in Hama Countryside

An Armed Forces unit clashed with a terrorist group in the village of Bridge in Hama countryside, destroying a number of vehicles along with the terrorists, weapons and munitions inside them.

Another unit foiled terrorists' attempt to detonate ten explosive devices planted on the road between Hayyalin and Bridge.

Terrorists Suffer Direct Losses in Daraa Countryside

Units of the armed forces continued pursuit of the armed terrorist groups, destroying a number of their dens in al-Lajat area in Daraa countryside and inflicting direct losses upon them.

An official source told SANA that a number of terrorists were killed and several others injured in the operation.

Leader of Terrorist Group Killed in Raqqa

A unit of the armed forces clashed with an armed terrorist group near al-Thawra city on Aleppo road, killing and injuring most of its members.

A source told SANA that the leader of the so-called ''Armor of al-Jazeera'' battalion was identified among the killed terrorists.

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Mordechai Vanunu: Beyond Nuclear

Mordechai Vanunu.books.jpg

Beyond Nuclear: And My Life as a Muckraker 2005-2010: Mordechai Vanunu's FREEDOM of SPEECH Trial

In 1985, Mordechai Vanunu shot two rolls of film that exposed Israel's clandestine seven story underground Weapons of Mass Destruction Facility in the Negev.

Vanunu was released from 18 years in Ashkelon prison on April 21, 2004 under draconian restrictions that denied him the right to freedom of speech and to leave Israel.

American author and human rights activist, Eileen Fleming became a reporter after she met Vanunu in June 2005, during her first of seven trips to Israel Palestine.

When Vanunu's historic and under-reported Freedom of Speech Trial began on January 25, 2006, she became a 21st century muckraker.

Eileen Fleming is the founder of WeAreWideAwake.org, a feature correspondent for Arabisto.com and staff member of Salem-News.com. She is the author of KEEP HOPE ALIVE and MEMOIRS of a Nice Irish-American 'Girl's Life in Occupied Territory.


Recommendations for greater press freedom in Europe: José MILLÁN MON


European Parliament
Mister Francisco José MILLÁN MON
Rue Wiertz
Altiero Spinelli 12G302
B-1047 Brussels

Brussels, January 22, 2013

Dear Sir,

Subject: “Recommendations for greater press freedom in Europe‘

I read in an article entitled ‘Recommendations for greater press freedom in Europe “of 21 January 2013, Member States of the EU membership, should be assessed on their press.

Furthermore, in all EU countries independent media organs should be allowed to punish the media when they have gone wrong.

The proposals are part of the 30 recommendations for more media freedom in Europe of a research group which, at the request of Commissioner Neelie Kroes (Digital Agenda), drafted  a report .

This report was presented in Brussels on January 21th, 2013, (yesterday).

,, We must urgently need a debate on media freedom in Europe,” said Kroes, who was pleased with the report  and said  ,, This is not only Brussels matter.”

Kroes herself would also will look at what is in its power to promote freedom of the press.

“Media freedom is an essential pillar of European democracy,” the report said.

May I draw your attention to the following note regarding ‘ press freedom in Europe’ and the encrypting of all our blogs because they would be “inappropriate”, please ?

After our complaints, almost all the web pages of these blogs about prisoners’ rights; patients’ rights; press freedom; the rights of the Palestinian people; the history of colonization; the weapon- and oilindustries; national and international politics and so on…  were removed from the internet while our association is not at all  a far-right organization that preaches hatred.

Awaiting your reply,

Yours faithfully,

Jan Boeykens
Faiderstraat 10
1060 Sint-Gillis (Brussels)
President of the Morkhoven Group


Two days ago Skynet (Belgacom) decrypted the blogs of Werkgroep Morkhoven. We thank skynet for this decision but we wonder what exactly happened.

Internet: The Foundation is back - La Fondation est revenu

lavementcerveau1.jpgGOOD NEWS

Two days ago Skynet (Belgacom) decrypted the blogs of Werkgroep Morkhoven.

We thank skynet for this decision but we wonder what exactly happened.

During the 4 weeks of the encryption of the blogs, the daughter and the 14-year-old granddaughter of Marcel Vervloesem who's a member of the director board of our association and who's is wellknown for the dismantling of Zandvoort childporn ring, received many death threats. The police and justice services didn't act.

A week ago, Marcel Vervloesem's daughter was attacked by a car that drove at full speed but the prosecutor didn't take this case serious.

We wrote to the Belgian Ministers Turtelboom (Justice) and Milquet (home affairs) but we didn't receive an answer yet.

Jan Boeykens, president of Werkgroep Morkhoven