Humanitarian help Syria: EU to consider ‘all options’


European Union's humanitarian aid to Serbs

During its bombings of Yugoslavia (24.3.1999- 19.4.1999), NATO attacks targeted the factories and industrial facilities which directly cater for the needs of the population, among which are:

1."Lola Utva" agricultural aircraft factory in Pancevo; 2."Galenika" drug factory in Belgrade; 3."Zdravlje" pharmaceutical plant in Leskovac; 4."Sloboda" white goods factory in Cacak; 5."Din" tobacco industry in Nis; 6."Elektronska industrija" factory in Nis; 7."Div" cigarette factory in Vranje; 8.Tubes factory in Urosevac; 9."Jastrebac" machine industry in Nis; 10."Milan Blagojevic" chemical plant in Lucani; 11.Plastics factory in Pristina; 12."Binacka Morava" hydro construction company in Gnjilane; 13."Nova Jugoslavija" printers in Vranje; 14.Facilities of the "Beograd" rail company in Nis; 15.Over 250 commercial and crafts shops in Djakovica were destroyed; 16."Dijana" shoe factory in Sremska Mitrovica; 17."Zastava" car factory in Kragujevac; 18."14 Oktobar" machine factory in Krusevac; 19.Cotton yarn factory in PriStina; 20."Krusik" holding corporation in Valjevo; 21."Ciklonizacija" in Novi Sad; 22."Tehnogas" in Novi Sad; 23."Novograp" in Novi Sad; 24."Gumins" in Novi Sad; 25."Albus" in Novi Sad; 26."Petar Drapsin" in Novi Sad; 27."Motins" in Novi Sad; 28."Izolacija" in Novi Sad; 29."Novokabel" in Novi Sad; 30."Istra" fittings factory in Kula; 31.The port of Bogojevo; 32.Industrial complex "Dvadeset Prvi Maj" in Rakovica; 33.Machine building plant "Industrija Motora Rakovica" in Rakovica; 34.Factory "Jugostroj" in Pancevo; 35.Factory "Frigostroj" in Pancevo; 36.Surface coal mine "Belacevac";

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of FR Yugoslavia

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