Syria Will Remain a Free and Prosperous Country

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President of International Academy Mihai Eminescu in Bucharest: Syria Will Remain a Free and Prosperous Country

Dec 10, 2012 - BUCHAREST, (SANA) – President of the International Academy "Mihai Eminescu" in Bucharest, Prof. Ion Diaconescu, affirmed that Syria was and always will be a free and prosperous country and a friend of the world's peoples, stressing that Syria has the power and the ability to show everyone that it will rebuilt a strong, free and democratic country.

In a statement to SANA on Monday, Diaconescu said that any war, regardless of its goals, is in itself a destruction of human life and a ruination of civilization, with both sides of any war paying an expensive price.

He said that after Iraq, Egypt and Libya, Syria is now being threatened from all sides, and that the suffering of the peaceful Syrian people is increasing every day, wondering what could justify violence and barbarism and why foreign forces would be sent to destroy a peaceful country that never hurt anyone.

"It's time for those who respect peace, love and history to rise up and raise theur voices against those invaders," Diaconescu concluded.

H. Sabbagh

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