Al-Qaeda Fighters into Syria through Turkish Borders

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Dec. 10, 2012 - ANKARA, (SANA) – Turkish Yurt Newspaper and Sol Haber website revealed the entry of 200 al-Qaeda fighters and Jihadists from various nationalities into Syria through the  Turkish borders onboard a Turkish plane that landed in Antakya Airport without registering the flight officially at the airport.

The newspaper quoted Republican People's Party MP, Mehmet Ali Ediboglu, as saying that the plane,  which belongs to the Turkish Airlines and owned by Anadolu Jet Company, landed in Antakya Airport last Friday with 200 multi-national al-Qaeda fighters onboard.

He added that the fighters did not make any official procedures that prove they entered Turkey after leaving the plane, and they were transferred to the Syrian borders.

Ediboglu pointed out that this scandal constitutes new evidence that the government of the Development and Justice Party is supporting the terrorist crimes committed in Syria.

Meanwhile, Sol Haber website said that MP Ediboglu submitted an interpellation note at the parliament against Turkish Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin about the Libyan ship, Intisar, which carried weapons and ammunitions to the armed terrorist groups in Syria and docked in Iskenderun Port last August.

MP Ediboglu stressed that 24 libyan fighters were onboard the Libyan ship, according to the website.


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