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Event Calendar: 9th December 2012: Theatre Festival

: 70 Members of the so-called 'Military Council' of Jabhat al-Nusra Killed in Countryside

: Al-Bakkarah area in Countryside Cleared from Terrorist Groups

's Armed Forces Continue Targeting Terrorists and Their Hideouts

Follow-up Committee of National Dialogue Conference Calls for Finding Peaceful Solution to Crisis in

Lavrov: We Don't Discuss the Destiny of 's Leadership with Any Party

Salehi: 's Enemies Started to Reconsider their Stances Realising their Wrong Path

: Terrorist Group Attacks 'Qaboun 2' Electricity Plant, Causing Outages in Several Areas

FM Lavrov says Moscow "will not allow to be reproduced in ... West striving for Assad's departure."

لافروف : روسيا لن تسمح بتكرار السيناريو الليبي في سورية.

Weather: Partly cloudy tomorrow with rain over most areas, temperatures will drop to become slightly below the seasonal average

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