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Russia Keeps Black Sea Fleet Ships In Mediterranean

December 7, 2012

Return of Black Sea Fleet ships to base postponed – General Staff

MOSCOW: The return of Russian Black Sea Fleet ships from their Mediterranean cruise has been suspended until further instructions from the General Staff, a sources at the General Staff has told Itar-Tass.

“In view of the changed situation in the region the group has been ordered to stay in the Aegean Sea before the zone of straits until further instructions,” the source said.

“The decision to keep the Black Sea Fleet group near the straits is due to the unstable situation in the Mediterranean Sea. The Russian ships may get more instructions soon. For the time being they will stay in the Aegean Sea until further notice. It is not ruled out that they may return to the previous region of the active service mission,” the source said.

He recalled that the Black Sea Fleet’s flagship – the missile-carrying cruiser The Moskva – was expected to pass through the Black Sea straits first to head for Sevastopol. The other combat and support ships of the group were to follow.

“However, on Thursday the cruiser was ordered to stay in the Aegian Sea. The same instructions were given to the other ships,” the source said.



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