Noam Chomsky visits Gaza


Noam Chomsky, one of the world’s greatest linguists, philosophers, and political critics, is finally here in Gaza for the first time.

Oct 20, 2012  - Chomsky was the guest speaker in a seminar attended by Gaza’s elite thinkers and intellectuals mainly discussing his political views and opinions on contemporary political issues. 

Mr. Chomsky openly slammed on the United States foreign policy, specially its unlimited support to Israel. He said that the two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is still more realistic than the one-state solution, despite the continuous expansion of the Israeli settlements in the West Bank. 

Mr. Chomsky bitterly criticized the US’s policies in the Middle East, which are based on supporting dictators all the way until it is no more possible to protect them, and then replacing them with new faces keeping the old regime in place. He was not excited about what is called “the Arab Spring”, and was definitely against any foreign intervention in Syria. Chomsky was invited to Gaza by the Islamic University of Gaza. 

The 84 year-old intellectual, along with 10 other international intellectuals, accepted the invitation to Gaza to participate in the First International Conference of Applied Linguistics and Literature at the Islamic University of Gaza. 

To the besieged Gaza Strip, Noam Chomsky and his fellow intellectuals have come here to share their thoughts and views with Gazans, breaking all political restrictions.


Photo: Gaza 'liberated' by Israeli fighter jets.  On November 15, 2010, Washington blocked the UN resolutions critical of Israel, and supplied Israel with fighter jets worth $3 billion. In october 2011, Israeli jets bombed the Gaza Strip...

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