Russian Security Official: Syrian Government Controls Situation

Alexey Plotnikov, an expert.Security Committee.Russian Duma, .jpgRussian Security Official: Syrian Government Controls Situation, Opposition's Operations Prove They Are Mercenaries 


Sep 29, 2012

MOSCOW, (SANA) – Alexey Plotnikov, an expert at the Security Committee of the Russian Duma, considered on Saturday that the Syrian Government is in control of the situation while the operations perpetrated by the opposition's gangs against Syrian civilians prove to the local and international community that these gangs are mercenaries and are not seeking to defend the Syrian people.

In an interview with Russia Today channel, Plotnikov said the opposition are spending the money that they receive through fighting and carrying out what they are ordered to do.

He added that changing the current situation in Syria requires the opposition to seriously engage into dialogue and negotiations if they really care for the destiny of the Syrian people as using force will lead to no way.

The Russian official stressed Russia's continued support to Syria to prevent it from getting to where other Arab states have reached.

F. Allafi/H. Said


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