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Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi .jpgYang: Political Dialogue Only Sound Way to Solve Crisis in Syria

Sep 25, 2012 - UNITED NATIONS, (SANA) - Political dialogue is the only sound way for solving the crisis in Syria, Chinese News Agency Xinhua quoted Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi as saying.

During a meeting on Monday with the UN Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi on the sidelines of the 67th session of the UN General Assembly, Jiechi added "China has adopted an objective, fair and responsible way regarding crisis in Syria and played a pivotal role in enhancing dialogue,"

Yang said the crisis in Syria is complicated and very sensitive and the political dialogue is the only sound way for tackling it, pointing out that the priority now is for pushing all sides concerned in Syria to halt violence immediately and start a comprehensive political dialogue through diplomatic mediation.

"Solving the crisis in Syria should be decided by the Syrian people and not to be imposed by foreign powers," he underscored, adding that the work of the mediation in the forthcoming phase should be committed to the principles of finding common ground and stimulating a just, honest and appropriate solution for the crisis in Syria in the interests of all Syrian sides.

Yang reiterated his country's support to Brahimi's exerted efforts to reach a political compromise of the crisis in Syria.

For his part, Brahimi saw that the situation in Syria is critical , calling on the international community to help easing the situation in it as the political compromise is passing through an important stage.

Brahimi briefed the Chinese Minister on the latest developments regarding the crisis in Syria, expressing appreciation over China support to his mission.

He announced that he will continue deep communication with China and the other relevant sides and his serious work to enhance a political solution for the crisis in Syria.

H. Zain / Ghosoun


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