Latest News Syria: Army Units Kill Large Number of Terrorists


IED Goes off on Old Fairgrounds Road in Damascus, 1 Citizen Martyred...Army Units Kill Large Number of Terrorists in Aleppo



Sep 23, 2012

PROVINCES, (SANA) - An improvised explosive device, planted by an armed terrorist group, went off on the pedestrian bridge on the old fairgrounds road in Damascus. One citizen who was passing by the place was martyred.

An official source told SANA that the device, which weighed 1 kg, also caused material damage in the area.

Army Units Kill Large Number of Terrorists in Aleppo

The armed forces on Sunday cleared the area of Qasr al-Wali restaurant in al-Sayyid Ali in the city of Aleppo form the mercenary terrorists.

SANA reporter learned that the terrorists had been using the restaurant as a center for carrying out their terrorist operations.

A unit of the armed forces targeted terrorists' gatherings near Orwa al-Barki Mosque in Hanano area, and others near al-Isharat area in Bustan al-Basha in Aleppo, inflicting heavy losses upon them. In Aleppo countryside, the armed forces carried out a qualitative operation killing a large number of terrorists who attacked army units in al-Atareb area.

Sniper Yousef Deya was killed while trying to escape from al-Arkoub area and two DShK-equipped cars were destroyed in al-Khazzan area in Aleppo.

The Armed Forces conducted a qualitative operation in Suleiman al-Halabi area in Aleppo, killing large numbers of terrorists.

A unit of the armed forces targeted gatherings for terrorists in Daret Azzeh in the countryside of Aleppo, killling many of them.

Also, a unit of the armed forces targeted terrorists' gatherings near Qubtan al-Jabal, Bayanoun and Kfar Naha in Aleppo countryside, inflicting heavy losses on them.

DShK-equipped Car Destroyed in Homs

A unit of the armed forces on Sunday destroyed a car equipped with a DShK machinegun near al-Qantara bridge in the countryside of al-Qseir in Homs.

SANA reporter said all the terrorists inside the car were killed.

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Who's responsible for terrorist attacks and the suffering of the Syrian people ?

Obama signed a secret order authorizing U.S. support for Syrian terrorists seeking to depose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government.  Obama’s order, approved earlier this year and known as an intelligence “finding,” broadly permits the CIA and other U.S. agencies to provide support that could help the terrorists oust Assad.  C.I.A. officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey. The weapons, including automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, ammunition and some antitank weapons, are being funneled mostly across the Turkish border by way of a shadowy network of intermediaries including Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood and paid for by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The United States is setting up joint military, intelligence and medical working teams with Israel, Turkey and Jordan.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Britain would step up its support for the armed groups in Syria, providing them with an additional £5 million (US$7.8 million). The money is used for bomb attacks in Syria.

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