Syrian Armed Forces: 30 kidnapped persons released...


Armed Forces Continue Pursuing Terrorists, Inflict Heavy Losses Upon them, Destroy Ammunition Warehouses, Release Kidnapped


PROVINCES, (SANA) - The armed forces on Sunday released 30 persons who were kidnapped by the armed terrorist groups south the Vocational Training Institute in Maysaloun area in Aleppo.

A unit of the armed forces destroyed 3 trucks used by terrorists on al-Bab road in Aleppo.

In a qualitative operation, the armed forces also killed members of an armed terrorist group, including snipers, near al-Ansari Mosque in Maysaloun area in Aleppo.

The armed forces also targeted terrorists who fled from Maysaloun area towards al-Safa and al-Shaar neighborhoods, killing a number of them.

A unit of the armed forces clashed with terrorists near al-Arqoub in Maysaloun area, killing and injuring a number of terrorists.

Another unit of our armed forces clashed with terrorists near al-Furkan Mosque in al-Arqoub area in Aleppo, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists.

In a qualitative operation, a unit of our armed forces killed members of a terrorist group including a number of snipers were stationed near al-Ansar Mosque in Maysaloun area.

Meanwhile, an armed terrorist group targeted a house for civilians with two mortar shells and destroyed it in al-Suliemaniya area.


Syrian Armed Forces: 30 kidnapped persons released...

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