Syria: India Rejects Foreign Military Intervention


Aug. 25, 2012 - NEW DELHI, (SANA)- India stressed rejection of any foreign military intervention in Syria, calling for the necessity of finding peaceful solution to crisis in it with the assistance of the international community to reach an end to violence and sit to the table of dialogue among all  sidesconcerned.

Secretary of Indian Foreign Ministry, Ranjan Mathai, said India adopts the six-point plan set up by the UN former envoy to Syria Kofi Annan to find peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria, expressing his country's concern over the current events taking place in it.

Mathai remarks came at a press conference on Saturday on the occasion of the forthcoming visit of the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to Tehran to participate in the 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement.

Singh is scheduled to hold meeting with some Arab leaders on the sidelines of the Summit to discuss the situation in West Asia and in Syria in particular, to enhance peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria by the Syrian themselves and reject any foreign military intervention in this country.

H. Zain/ Mazen


Photo: Aug. 15, 2012 - Indian flags on Independence day 

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