Libanon respecting the agreements signed with Syria


Mansour: Syria Fortified from the Inside and any Opposition Resorting to Arms Does Not Seek Reform

Aug 23, 2012

BEIRUT, (SANA)- Lebanese Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Adnan Mansour, stressed that Syria is fortified from the inside, "otherwise there would have been a disaster," highlighting the Syrians' awareness of what Syria wants on the one hand and what is planned for Syria from the outside on the other.

"Since the first moment of stirring the Syrian file, external and international hands have been standing behind this file," Mansour said on Wednesday night in an interview with the Lebanese NBN channel.

He referred to some countries which called for overthrowing the regime in Syria stressing that "this manner is rejected in the international relations."

"The situation in Syria has taken a serious direction that has gone beyond the Syrian borders in terms of the all-direction attack- media and arming, which doesn't lie in the framework of reform as they claim," Lebanon's Foreign Minister said.

He added that any opposition that resorts to arms and aid from the outside and to media campaigns and incitement does not seek achieving reform demands.

Mansour reiterated Lebanon's stance towards Syria in terms of self-distancing policy and respecting the agreements signed with Syria.

"Some want the Lebanese foreign policy to take a hostile stand towards Syria and its leadership. However, this will not happen today nor tomorrow," he stressed.

Mansour said that Lebanon is concerned with what is happening in Syria and in the stability and security of the region, adding that any repercussions of the crisis in Syria will reflect on Lebanon and the neighboring countries as well.

H. Said


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