Americans tired of clownish anti-Iran threats

Iran.'threat'.Despite Iran threat, booming Israeli tourism sets records.jpg

We have one thing in our news every day now, secret plans Israel leaks about their upcoming “shock and awe” attack on Iran. We don’t get it once a week, it’s a new story every 2 hours on every network, every paper.

Then come the admissions, that Israel can’t attack anyone without America doing the fighting. We knew that all along. What Israel also knows is that no American will fight an Israeli battle again, not after Afghanistan and Iraq.

Very interesting to know is that nearly 300,000 tourists arrived in Israel in July, a record for the month and an 8% increase over the previous July.  Israeli Tourism Ministry: 'Each month of 2012 has set an all-time record for the month'.  

But despite the tourism boom, Israeli politicians talk in a ridiculous way about the so called 'nucleair threat of Iran' in the hope that the US and its allies will plung in a new military adventure that would give Israel the absolute hegemony over the Middle East. 

It is not the first time that Israeli politicians put pressure on the US.
In the past, Israel used the development of its secret nuclear weapons arsenal as a blackmail against the US.  The American government was providing them with the most sophisticated weapons...


Photo: A Tel Aviv beach on Friday.  Hundreds of thousands of tourists are visiting the so called 'by Iran threatened Israel' each month.